PPA inaugurates Hung King Statue
The front of Hung King Statue on the campus of the PPA

The Statue is placed solemnly at the PPA’s Park and donated by Major General, Dr. Pham Van Cac, Deputy Director General of General Department of Police, former postgraduate student of the Academy and the officers, students of the Vinh Phu association of fellow countrymen at the PPA.

Behind Hung King Statue are two mini Ethnological Museums. The right side of the Statue is a stilt house of the Tay people, which was donated by Lieutenant General Trieu Van Dat, former Deputy General Director of General Department of Police, former student of course D3 and Lao Cai Police Department. The left side of the Statue is a communal house of the Ba Na ethnic group, donated by Senior Colonel Vu Van Lau, Director of Gia Lai Police Department, former student of course D3.


2 mini Ethnological Museums behind Hung King Statue

2 mini Ethnological Museums displays costumes and some traditional products of 54 ethnic groups living in our country. The PPA has collaborated with the Police and Border Guards in provinces and cities to build these mini museums for nearly 2 years. The costumes of the Odu ethnic group and the Duc ethnic group, two ethnic minorities with the least population in our country, also have been displayed in the museum.

The complex of Hung Vuong Statue - Ethnological Museums of the 54 ethnic minorities in Vietnam is a new address to the traditional education for officers and students of the PPA.


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