Students at PPA win hearts and souls of people in Thanh Hoa via their social program

In response to the direction of the Ministry of Public Security and an emulation movement to welcome the election of deputies to the National Assembly and People's Councils at all levels for the term 2021 – 2026, the PPA on April 11 sent a delegation of 900 officers and students of various courses at the school to Muong Lat district of Thanh Hoa province to carry out a mass mobilization drive.

PPA officers and students help the local people build public projects in Muong Lat district, Thanh Hoa province.

It is an annual program organized by the PPA aiming to promote youth’s volunteering spirit and conduct volunteer activities in support of disadvantaged and border areas in the country. Such a program has contributed to the local authorities’ and people’s efforts to build a new rural model and promote local all-sided development. 

During the program, the PPA’s officers and students carry out activities in support of local people. Such volunteer activities help strengthen the close relationship between the people and the People's Public Security Forces on one side, and improve mass mobilization skills for students of the academy.

Representatives of PPA delegation present a bookcase to the local children.

Within nine days (from 11 to 19 April), over 900 PPA officers and students lived and worked together with the local residents in Muong Lat district’s communes of Trung Ly, Muong Ly, Tam Chung, Quang Chieu, Muong Chanh and Muong Lat township. 

They built a cultural house in Muong Ly commune costing 750 million VND, assisted local people in constructing more than 150 houses of compassion as well as presented gifts to policy beneficiary families, revolution contributors and poor students.

Additionally, they also offered safety helmets and bookcases to local students and coordinated with Vietnam-Germany Friendship Hospital to provide free medical checkups and medicines for 200 policy beneficiary and disadvantaged families in Tam Chung commune.

The PPA volunteer delegation also took the chance to mobilize local people to abide by traffic safety regulations, avoid illicit drugs and prevent crime.

With their social program, the PPA’s officers and students have won local people’s hearts and souls.

Source: Public Security News

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