Improving effectiveness of PPA’s library activities in new situation

In attendance were also representatives of functional departments of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the Ministry of Public Security (MPS) and the MPS's training institutions.

At the Conference, the delegates discussed the actual situation and limitations in library activities in police training institutions in general, at the PPA in particular; clarified the advantages, evaluated opportunities, challenges in library activities in the context of Industry 4.0; and proposed directions for the development and modernization of library activities to meet the requirements of education and training in the coming time.

Delegates participated in discussion session

During the discussion session, delegates unanimously assessed that the current globalization trend is to connect regional libraries and around the world into a global library network in order to enhance information sharing and exploitation serving for all people of all countries.

Industrial 4.0 based on Digital Manufacturing Platforms would continue to have great impacts on the field of information - library. The challenges in information and date security or modern library environment require managers and librarians to constantly innovate and improve their skills, aside from usual library activities.

From these advantages and challenges, the participants also exchanged ideas on improving the quality of the library system, such as increasing information resources, enhancing the quality and quantity of documents; paying attention to linking and sharing information resources among libraries; increasing the application of information technology, building e-library in the library; renovating quality and services of library activities; expanding cooperation in the field of information - library among agencies of Public Security forces and with domestic and international organizations.

Senior Colonel, Dr. Tran Quang Huyen, Vice President of the Academy addressed at the Conference

Addressing the closing remarks, Vice President of the PPA appreciated the participation, opinions, suggestions and solutions proposed by the leaders and experts relating to the theme of Conference. These valuable opinions would be synthesized and proposed leaders of the MPS to issue guidelines and orientations for library activities among Public Security forces in general and at the People's Police Academy in particular. 

The delegates in group photo



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