The People’s Police Academy reported achievements to Uncle Ho on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the PPA’s foundation
The leaders and staff of the Academy promised to always remember and follow the Uncle Ho’s six teachings to People’s Public Security Forces

Over half a century of building and development, from a training school for noncommissioned officers, supplementing People's Security force with professional officers when newly established, with 5 departments, 3 divisions, 3 sub-teams and 43 officers and teachers. Till now, the People's Police Academy has grown up in all aspects with more than 1000 officers, lecturers and employees, with over 200 professors, doctors and masters. The Academy has also trained thousands of highly qualified officers for the People's Public Security Forces, People's Army and for Laos and Cambodia.

With a continuous and persistent effort, the People’s Police Academy has made important contributions to the training of the police, contributing to the struggle for national security protection and ensuring social order and safety.

The delegation paid tribute to President Ho Chi Minh at his mausoleum

Recognizing the outstanding achievements of the officers, teachers, employees and students of the Academy, the Party and the State have conferred the title of “Hero of the People's Armed Forces”; awarded the Order of Ho Chi Minh; the Order of the First Class Victory, 02 second class Military medals. The Academy has been also received the emulation flag of the Government and many other noble rewards.

Looking back on the 50 years of building and developing of the People’s Police Academy, every officer, teacher, employee and student honorably expressed gratitude for his valuable interests and teachings to the People’s Public Security Forces.

At the historic Ba Dinh Square, in front of President Ho Chi Minh’s soul, all officers and soldiers of the PPA pledged to keep in mind and follow Uncle Ho’s six teachings to the People’s Public Security Forces; raise the sense of responsibility and exemplariness of  party members; respect and intimately connect with the people; constantly study to improve professional qualifications and working capacity; develop the PPA to become a key institution of higher education and meet the national standards.

On this occasion, the delegation of the Academy presented souvenirs to the Management Board of President Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum

Looking forward to the 128th anniversary of President Ho Chi Minh’s birthday, the 50th anniversary of its foundation, the People's Police Academy held a ceremony to report achievements to Uncle Ho at his mausoleum.

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