Delegation of Ritsumeikan high school-Japan visited and exchanged relations with the staff and students of PPA.

Colonel, Associate Prof, PhD. Nguyen Thien Phu, deputy director of PPA and representative leader of departments, offices, and centers of PPA welcomed and worked with delegation.

          On behalf of Party Committee, Director of the PPA, Mr. Nguyen Thien Phu, deputy director of PPA expressed, warmly welcomed the delegation of Ritsumeikan came to visit and exchange with the staff and students of the PPA. The statement also confirmed that: Vietnam and Japan are two countries have many similarities in culture, politics; able to support each other in the field of economic development, education and training of high quality human resources. Within the framework activities for cooperation and investment of Japanese ODA to Vietnam, the PPA is delighted by the interest of JICA to invest equipments and machines  and provide funds to contribute in order to improve the capacity of training for staff and teachers of specialized traffic police in Vietnam. In addition, JICA has been sending continuously volunteers to coordinate with military martial arts Departmen in teaching martial arts for students of PPA. Support PPA to contribute in order to train “excellent professional and virtuousness” Police officers. Through cooperation and investment activities in the field of economic, political, social, and cultural exchanges have helped the two countries have more understanding of the traditional beauties about nations and the people of Vietnam - Japan. The deputy director of the PPA also emphasized: The world knows Vietnam as a national hero in the struggle for national liberation and Japan is praised, admired by all the world about intellect and extraordinary energy in economic development, as well as the ability to overcome difficulties and challenges. March, 2011 Japan has gone through earthquake and tsunami, this was the most catastrophic natural disaster in human history that has seen. However, with the spirit of unity and intellect of Japan, your country has been quickly overcoming challenges and continuing to maintain stable economic development. Through this, staff, teachers, students of PPA express again our deep sympathy sharing with the loss of Japan in the double disasters, earthquakes and tsunami in 2011. PPA also expressed our admiration of unity and the extraordinary will of the heroes of Japanese.


  Deputy Director of PPA is presenting souvenir to  Mr. Yukihiro Asakawa


          Expressed at working session , Mr. Asakawa Yukihiro, Dean of Faculty Training and International Cooperation in Ritsumeikan expressed his sincere gratitude to receive a warm and respectable welcome from PPA to spent for staff, teachers and students of Ritsumeikan high school – Japan. Officials, teachers and students of Ritsumeikan considered that a visit to Vietnam and PPA at this time is very good chance for the young generation of two countries in general, the staff, students of  Ritsumeikan and the staff and students of PPA have a chance to exchange, learn and discover about the country, culture and people of Vietnam - Japan in particular. Simultaneous, through the visit could help the youth of Ritsumeikan understand the meaning of international cooperation as well as improve understanding about the official development assistance (ODA) program of Japan and activities JICA in Vietnam. In the visit, the delegation of Ritsumeikan, Japan visited facilities of the JICA project have been being implemented at the PPA. Delegation participated in the martial arts hour practiced by Japanese volunteers, in particular, delegations of Ritsumeikan had a lively, enthusiastic entertainment exchange and talks exchange with students of PPA about learning methods and other issues that youth of two countries were interesting in.

  Visiting martial arts class

  Cultural and entertainment exchange program between the PPA and Ritsumeikan

  Seminars on learning and the issues that the youth generation of both sides are interesting in

  Taking  photos at the monument of Ho Chi Minh

          The visit and exchange between staff, students of PPA and Ritsumeikan high school, Japan has left some good impressions. PPA believes that through the visit to Vietnam in this time, head of delegation, delegation members and 15 excellent special students of Ritsumeikan will be the foundation for the maintenance and promotion of friendly relationship between Vietnam and Japan in the future.

Written by Can Xuan Dung; Photos  taken by Ly Ly

Translated by Cain Vu

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