PPA becomes official member of International Association of Police Academies INTERPA
Major General Nguyen Xuan Yem received the INTERPA’s official document
The topic of 2013 INTERPA meeting with the title of “contemporary issues in police education, training, research” attracted over 30 speeches about three major issues relating to the meeting’s topic as follows:

Firstly, building and development of lecturer team at Police Academies: The speeches focused on analyzing, discussing and sharing experiences in programs of enhancing lecturers; encouraging, promoting their knowledge abilities; building the system of teaching skill assessment; improving real experiences in teaching, language and communication skill as well as using policies to support lecturers for enhancing teaching standard through post-graduate training programs.

Secondly, evaluation and experience exchange in applying technology for teaching and researching: The speeches showed the effectiveness and difficulties of using technology in training polices. Some academies presented their experiences such as the model of online studying, using e-books in Saudi Arabia; information technology application in real situation in Turkey.

Thirdly, building, design and development of police training program: the representatives also discussed construction and development of post-graduate training program at the police training units; some experiences in training cooperation and applying real knowledge in building training programs such as   terrorist crime prevention, police force training to keep international peace…

PPA’s officers took photo with the INTERPA’s members 

At the meeting, Major General, Prof. Dr. Nguyen Xuan Yem, Director of the People's Police Academy, Head of the PPA delegation spoke on police training lecturer building and development and proposal of enhancing effectiveness in activities of the INTERPA. Also, the speech mentioned police training activities in Vietnam, experiences in improving lecturers’ ability by policies on further training programs as well as commendation mechanism. Besides, the PPA asked the INTERPA to enhance experience exchanges through its website, build and publish international police training magazine. All proposals were appreciated by the INTERPA and reflected in the join announce of the meeting.

In the session of the INTERPA meeting dated on 16th April 2013, the INTERPA’s President officially announced its new members and gave its official documents for Vietnam team leader and its new members.

As a member of INTERPA, the PPA marks a new step forward of both foreign affairs and international cooperation in the public security force training units in general and police training units in particular. Additionally, it is an opportunity for PPA to officially take part in international forum, exchange their experiences between other police academies. Thus, this activity contributes to promote PPA’s target of  becoming one of the key academy of the Ministry of Public Security  in 2015 and of the nation in 2020.

Translated by Huyen Trang

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