Colonel Richard Terry – Attacher of Australian Federal Police (AFP) reported on special experience subject for fighting against transnational crime and high-tech crime.

The lecture’s content presented three main topics, there were: “Global Experiences on fighting against cross-border crime; Experience of the AFP on fighting against cross-border crime and the study of typical transnational crime related to Vietnam.”

  Colonel Richard Terry (center) at the specialized report 

            Exchange of the Global experiences on fighting against cross-border crime, Richard presented an overview of the characteristics of transnational crime situation in the world today, the common tricks of this crime as well as the actions that the nations on the world take to deal with this situation. With the characteristics of international organized crime is cross-border activities while the law enforcement agencies of the countries mainly working inside the country and lack of global cooperation. The urgency problem need to set out a global mechanism of coordination between countries to fight agaist organized crime and transnational crime by the coordinating role of the United Nations.

            In addition to the sharing of the international experience, Richard also talked with the students of the class about the experiences of AFP on fighting against cross-border crime, in which strongly pressed the focus of factors to ensure the effectiveness of the cooperative relationship between the countries, there were: “build confidence; build relationships; cultural exchange; set up legal framework; operate effectively structure bilateral cooperation; improve the capacity; made ​​mutual exchange of information; and coordinate to investigation in the struggle-project. He also shared the experiences of coordinate investigating  a number of crimes cases related to Australia and Vietnam in the recent past.

            Through the specialized report and discussion, questions and answers between lecturer and students of the class, many useful and practical content was drawn for both students and lecturer. This content has lively contributed to increase results and quality of the training courses of the Fostering Deputy Directors and equivalent of the Police force usually held in the PPA.


       Colonel Richard Terry joined the Australian Federal Police (AFP) since 1985; during his work, he has assumed the role of the police attaché in Cyprus, Thailand, New Guinea and Vietnam. In the working terms in Vietnam, Richard has worked very positive, with many contributions for building cooperative relationships between the Vietnam People's Police Forces and the Australian Federal police force. Recently, He has been actively supporting the PPA and coordinating with other units in lobbying the Australian Government to give support to build a regional centers of research and training on crime technologyhigh prevention will be located at the PPA.

Truong Van Duong

Translated by Cain Vu

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