Welcome KOICA delegation for surveying project “Construction of Electronic Library at PPA”
Leaders of the Ministry of Public Security welcomes KOICA’s delegation

KOICA’s delegation has five members including KOICA’s chief representative, deputy chief representative, two information technology experts and KOICA’s officer in Viet Nam. KOICA’s purpose is to research and assess the effect, feasible factor of the project. Its result plays an important role for Korea organization to decide if they should invest to it or not.

At the meeting Mr. Bui Quang Ben honestly thanke Korean Government and KOICA for supporting and contributing to the Ministry of Public Security and the PPA during the last time. Also, he praised the PPA, the International Cooperation Department and releted units for trying their best in building draft of the project. He claimed that the leaders of Public Security Ministry expected this project will  be implemented in the next time.


Also, at the meeting, the director of PPA reported KOICA voluntary activities at the PPA, particularly Taekwondo martial teachings. Besides, he also mentioned two students of the Korean National Police University studying at PPA under the memorandum of understanding between two universities.

Since the end of 2012, PPA submitted the draft of project on “Construction of Electronic Library at the PPA” to KOICA. Thanks to its feasibility, KOICA officially sent a delegation to co-work with the Ministry of Public Security and PPA to discuss feasibility of the draft. The result of surveying trip is a premise to carry out the next steps of Korea government.

 This project expected to set up four major targets as follow:

- First: Improvement and upgrading data transmission network in PPA

- Second: Building a center of data integration, data storage, database and software and software system to improve the efficiency of the management, storage and exploitation of material resources at the PPA

- Third: Building a multimedia communication environment for learning, researching, exchanging between staffs and students

- Fourth: Improving quality of network management team, librarians and officers to meet teaching and studying demand at the PPA.

After, KOICA’s delegation works with leaders of PPA and releted departments between the date of 21st March and 22nd March, 2013.

Translated by Huyen Trang


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