Minister of Public Security extends New Year 2019 greetings
Minister of Public Security To Lam.

In his letter, Minister To Lam highlights that the world and the region saw complex changes in the year of 2018 impacting countries, including Vietnam. 

Thanks to the far-sighted leadership of the Central Party Committee, the National Assembly, the Government, the united efforts of the whole political system, and the great support and assistance of the people, the Public Security Forces in collaboration with ministries, branches, functional agencies, especially the Vietnam People's Army, successfully deployed and fulfilled many major and important plans; promptly prevented and fought plots of hostile forces; cracked down on crimes and social evils; and ensured the absolute safety and security for major political, economic, culture events, important international conferences hosted by the country, contributing to promote Vietnam's image to international friends.

Minister Lam also emphasizes that year of 2019 will bring us more opportunities and challenges. The whole Party and people will restlessly strive to implement successfully the National Party Congress’s Resolution and socio-economic development plan outlined in the National Assembly. 

Minister To Lam also points out various challenges facing the Public Security Forces in the coming year. The People’s Public Security Forces will undertake heavier missions of security and order, which will require the forces to continue to their working methods and approaches and to be active and creative in their work. They should focus on implementing the key tasks and approved master plans, and actively contribute to maintaining political stability, firmly defending national sovereignty and territorial integrity, ensuring social order, and creating a favorable environment for building and developing the country.

In the new spirit of 2019, Minister To Lam urges each unit, officer and soldier in the Public Security Forces to promote their capacity and knowledge to fulfill their assignments, effectively implement Resolutions and Directives of the higher levels. 

By Duy Tien

Source: Public Security News

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