Volleyball exchange: “Toward the homeland’s sea and island”
The Opening Ceremony of the match

The participants were the team of the People’s Police Academy and the team of Navy Arm in Zone 1, Navy Arm (Tan Duong commune, Thuy Nguyen district, Hai Phong city). The game took place in exuberance which expressed the spirit of sport. The two teams played their best with the aim of offering the nice match for the supporters. After playing eagerly and thrillingly, the Navy Arm team put an end to the match and won with the score was three - two.

The athletes warmed up

Also in the trip to Hai Phong city, the PPA delegation had the opportunity to visit many historical evidences of Vietnam war such as the “No Number” ship, two most modern Vietnamese warships and paid tribute to the Temple worshipping Leader Nguyen Duc Canh. Thanks to that, the athletes were told interesting stories about the heroic epics of Vietnamese people and army during the war.


The exchange trip strengthened the relationship as well as the solidarity between LUPP and LUND. It also created the emulative atmosphere to celebrate 70th anniversary of establishment of the People's Army and 70th one of traditional day of the People’s Police force. Especially, it brought the valuable lessons along with unforgettable experience for the athletes of PPA that helped them learn more about the Armed Forces. They were ones who protect frontier and maintained the peace, happiness for the Vietnamese.

Written by Nguyen Cuong - Ha Oanh

Translated by Huy Hoang

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