Chain of cultural activities in response to Afforestation Festival in the Lunar New Year 2018
The Directorate and the leaders of units respond to the Afforestation Festival

Attending the ceremony were Lt. Gen, Prof. Dr. Nguyen Xuan Yem, Secretary of Party Committee, President of the Academy; comrades in Party Committee, the Directorate; representatives of functional units, mass organizations and officers, students and youth union members of the Academy.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, on behalf of the Party Committee, the Directorate, Major General, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dang Xuan Khang praised and appreciated the cultural activities in the Spring of 2018, the coordination of functional units, the enthusiastic participation of officers and students.

Vice President affirmed that this was a meaningful activity in the new year, showing the beauty of traditional culture and modern culture, contributing to raise spirit, educating on the tradition, building the Academy. At the same time, the Festival created a joyful atmosphere, excitement, emulation striving to fulfill the tasks of the Youth Union and youth movement in 2018.

The activity of “letter-giving” is a cultural beauty in the traditional Tet holiday in Vietnam

The Afforestation Festival in the Spring is an annual activity organized by the Party Committee and the Directorate of the Academy, aiming to all the Youth Union of classes participating actively in registering for the care and protection of trees, contributing to the building of the Green - Clean - Beautiful Academy, which deserves to be one of the leading training institutes of the Public Security forces.

The activities were took place at the Temple of Literature of the Academy such as “wishing tree”, letter-giving, book festival

After the opening ceremony, delegates, leaders, officers and students of the Academy participated in the letter-giving activity with the participation of well-known Confucian scholar from Huong Nam Calligraphy Club; participating in the Afforestation Festival organized by the Youth Union, "Wishing Tree", Spring Fair and Book Festival at the Temple of Literature at the Academy.

On the same day, the Academy held a meeting for New Year’s greetings to key officers on the occasion of the Spring of 2018.

The scene of the meeting

Speaking at the meeting, Lt. Gen, Prof. Dr. Nguyen Xuan Yem, President of the Academy sent good wishes of health and happiness to all Party officers, leaders of the Academy. On behalf of the Party Committee, the Directorate of the Academy, President summarized the activities during the Tet holiday and identified the objectives, directions of activities, programs and plans of the Academy in 2018 - the important year of the Academy to become the national key institution.



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