Workshop on "The prevention and combating crimes of property robbery"
Overview of the seminar

Major General, Prof. Dr. Ho Trong Ngu, Vice President of the PPA presided over the workshop. Participants in the workshop included experts, scientists and officer of the units, localities in the Public Security force.

Property robbery is one of the serious crimes. It harms the property rights of citizens, causes damage to the property, the health of victim, negatively affect social order and safety.

According to statistics from the Criminal Police Department of the Ministry of Public Security, in the first quarter of 2017, there were 12,765 criminal cases nationwide, including 565 property robbery cases, accounting for 4.4%. Functional force investigated 160 cases, handled 183 objects.

Crimes of robbery of property are now highly professional, operating in many areas and fields, intertwined with other criminals; The person who commit robbery are mostly the victim of hooliganism, have many criminal records, wanted object.

Remarkably, the numbers of students who are criminals of property robbery tend to increase, often focus on cases of lazy pupil, dropout, addiction online game, drug addiction... lack of attention, education of the family and the school. Property robbers often take advantage of loopholes on the traffic line and use a motorbike without number plate or pseudo plate, focusing on women who ride a motorbike alone with a shoulder bag....

The workshop received more than 40 presentations by leaders, scientists, experts and staffs directly involved in leadership, commanding, research and practical activities in units and localities in the People's Public Security Forces.

At the workshop, the participants discussed and analyzed the following issues:
- Overview of the crime of property robbery in the past time; analyze the characteristics of crimes of property robbery and its effects on the criminal situation in Vietnam as well as the crime prevention and combat.
- Review and evaluate the advantages, difficulties and obstacles in preventing and combating property robbery crimes in the recent period and the trend of change in the coming time.
- Analyzing the shortcomings, shortcomings and difficulties in the prevention and combating of property robbery and proposing solutions to fight against crime of property robbery in coming time.

Delegates took memorial photography at the workshop


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