The sixth season of the competition “Dance with me”: brilliant colors of youth
The teams brought to the show the colorful performances

Attending the show were the Executive Committee of the Youth Union of the People’s Public Security Politics Academy; Representatives of the Party - Political Affairs and Mass Movement Division; The Executive Committee of the Academy’s Youth Union and many students of the University of Foreign Languages, Hanoi National University, D43 students and the criminal justice students.

This year's competition was attended by eight teams representing D43 and course 4th of the criminal justice. With the self-selection topic, the teams showed their talent, creativity in the idea, dancing, the choice of music, costumes and performances, which give the audience a cheerful, breezy, atmosphere through performances such as Enthusiasm, Integration, My Dream, Future…

The students cheered enthusiastically for the teams

It is called "colors of youth", each team has brought the color, specific personality but very special, and young. Despite the short practice period, the teams successfully completed the competition and received the jury's appreciation. In the end, the 7th team from L2K4 won the first prize with a very young and creative performance.

A unique combination of traditional Vietnamese dress and youthful dance

The familiar image of the “People’s Police Academy Song” with the theme "Traditional pride" comes from the students of the L3K4

Major, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Phan Van Thinh - Deputy Head of the Party - Political Affairs and Mass Movement Division awarded prize to the winner

Viet Hoang

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