The 15-2015 Working Group of the People's Police Academy heads to the Sea Island
Representatives of Mission 15 visited to Truong Sa and DK1 to give 10,000,000VND to the Board of Youth Club for the sea island home

Mission No. 15 with members from various agencies, units and organizations from all over the country. However, after the trip, with the spirit of solidarity, members of the delegation often have met and exchanged information with organizations and individuals who joined the delegation to review the memories and join to support the activities of gratitude, volunteering towards the Sea Island.

In the last days of 2017, prepare for the new year 2018, typhoon No. 16 name Tembin with unusual nature both time and place have swept through the Spratly Islands and House DK1 caused much damage to people on the islands such as Tien Nu, Truong Sa Dong, Truong Sa, Phan Vinh, Thuy Chai, Da Tay, Da Lat and An Bang. On the islands damaged by the typhoon consequences, jointly implementing the preparation program for the Lunar New Year 2018, the Youth Work Group 15 of the Institute of PPA accompanied the Youth Club for the island countryside to implement the program “Spring at border and Island 2018”.

On December, 26th 2017, under the authorization of Major General, Assoc. Prof. Dang Xuan Khang, head of Mission, Lieutenant Colonel Vuong Manh Hung, Deputy Head of the delegation, presented 10,000,000 VND to the youth board of the Youth Club for the sea island. The Board of Directors of the Youth Club for the sea island has accepted the money, honored the hearts of officers and lectures of the PPA and pledged to coordinate with the Customs Command to use this money to preparing gifts for people in Truong Sa Islands in January, 2018.

Square terminalia buceras from Truong Sa Lon Island was brought to plant in the sovereignty of sea island of PPA by Major General, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dang Xuan Khang

The 15th Working Group of the Academy of PPA consisted of 10 members, led by Major General, Assoc. Prof. Dr Dang Xuan Khang to visit and give gifts to people in Truong Sa and DK1 Orchestra from June, 2nd - 6th  2015. During the trip, the leaders of the Naval Command have donated square terminalia buceras planted from Truong Sa Large Island. With the care of the members of the delegation, the small trees have overcome the changes in weather and soil conditions, are now rising green next to the Sovereignty Area, a symbol of the  patriotism and revolutionary tradition of the PPA.




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