The PPA presented houses of gratitude to people in Quang Nam
The PPA awarded gratitude house in Quang Nam province

Recently, delegation led by Colonel, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Dac Hoan - Vice president of PPA coordinated with Quang Nam provincial Public Security, donors and local authorities to hold the ceremony to donate gratitude houses in Dien Ban and Que Son districts, Quang Nam province.

It is known that five houses donated to Dien Ban town's people were built with funding of 350 million VND from the PPA, Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam and Lien Viet Post Bank. Five houses were donated to the people of Que Son district funded of 250 million VND from the Fund for the Advancement of Vietnamese People and the PPA.

Charity Delegation of the PPA

Up to date, a total of 23 houses have been handed over to households by the PPA and donors. This is a great gift that helping families overcome difficulties to stabilize their life.



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