Effective collaboration between PPA and Tien Giang local authorities in ensuring traffic safety around the schools in My tho city
Traffic congestion at front areas of Thu Khoa Huan Primary School

According to the survey conducted by aforementioned agencies, around the school areas during the arrival and departure times, there have been a large number of vehicles being failed to stop or park orderly when parents drop off and pick up their children, which unintentionally causes problems of traffic congestion in My Tho city.

In particular, street vendors remain one of the main causes of disorderly parking. The survey found that around the entrance of 4 schools, there are always 1-6 vendors encroaching on the footpaths and designated and safe parking spaces for parents.

In addition, a number of parents did not fully aware of traffic law and therefore violated the traffic regulations such as failing to comply with regulations of wearing helmets, parking and observing loading zones, exceeding the prescribed limit, riding on the wrong direction, etc. This fact had a potential risk of traffic accidents.

Based on results of the survey, the Traffic Safety Research Center - PPA, in coordination with Tien Giang Provincial Traffic Safety Committee, Tien Giang Department of Education and Training and several primary schools in My Tho city have suggested practical solutions to reduce traffic congestion around the school area during rush hour. The solution could be an implementation of the project on upgrading the road traffic system around school areas such as installing No Parking signs, installing loudspeakers to propagandize traffic safety regulations; encouraging pupils to buy foods, stationaries in the school canteen in order to avoid gathering around street vendors outside schools.

Experts from the Traffic Safety Research Center - PPA also emphasized the need of improving the effectiveness of traffic safety education at primary schools in My Tho city via a number of activities: providing professional training programs on road safety skills for teachers at schools; coordinating with traffic police and local police forces to provide education and raise the knowledge and compliance to road traffic laws among parents and pupils; propagandizing traffic safety via pictures and posters for example choosing and wearing a quality helmet properly, parking places and the prescribed limits for children under 14 on a motorcycle…


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