Enhancing the Quality of Scientific Research Activities among cadets of the PPA
Overview of the Conference

Scientific research is not only a learning method but also one of the important factors in improving the quality of education, creating high-quality resources to meet the development needs of society.  In this day and age, without awareness and necessary scientific research skills, individuals doing research would face difficulties in completing their assigned tasks.  Furthermore, participating in scientific research will help students form and foster the necessary qualities such as perseverance, patience, overcoming difficulties, creative exploration, objectivity, accuracy ... which are necessary qualities of a future scientific staff in order to have timely decisions, effective measures to handle in all situations.  Through scientific research, cadets will increase an understanding of their profession, forming and fostering a career sentiment.

Initiated by those ideas, in the past few years, in addition to equipping professional knowledge, training professional skills, the PPA’s Party Committee, Directorate Board have always paid a great attention and encouraged staff, lecturers and  cadets to participate in scientific research activities at all levels, write scientific articles, create favorable conditions for staff to actively participate in scientific seminars, short training courses ... thereby ensure to meet the requirements of both theoretical and practical aspects in crime prevention and combat, to maintain order and safety of the society.

 Maj.Gen.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Dac Hoan - Vice President of the PPA delivered his speech at the Conference

At the conference, participants focused on evaluating the achievements in scientific research activities for cadets at the People's Police Academy in particular and the People's Public Security schools in general.  At the same time, the delegates pointed out limitations remained in the scientific research process for cadets, which are: finding research questions, or in other words, choosing research issues;  the time limit for cadets doing their research, especially in intensive research required significant concentration;...

Col.Assoc.Prof.Dr. Bui Quoc Dung - Head of the Department of Scientific Research Management delivered the summarized report on the scientific research activities for students of the PPA

Delegates actively participated in the conference

Speaking for the conclusion of the conference, Vice President of the PPA acknowledged and highly appreciated the opinions and contribution of participants at the meeting. Many suggestions, recommendations and solutions are given comprehensively, synchronously, close to the practical situation, thereby helping the PPA overcome difficulties and shortcomings and gradually improve the quality of scientific research activities for cadets in the coming time.


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