The Scientific Conference: "Enhancing the Effectiveness of Managing Mobile Social Order-related Criminals: Current Situation and Solutions"

In attendance at the conference were Major General, Prof.Dr Tran Minh Huong – President of the PPA; Major General, Dr. Tran Ngoc Ha – Director of the Criminal Police Department - MPS, Vice Chairman of the Project 2; representatives of training institutions under the MPS; representatives of leadership of functional agencies and provincial-level police departments under the MPS who directly involved in preventing, combatting and managing mobile social order-related criminals.

Overview of the conference

In recent years, Leaders of the MPS have paid a significant attention and guided forces of the MPS, especially the criminal police force across the country to analyse, assess and provide predictions of criminal situation. In addition, it is required all-level police forces proactively implement professional methods in combination with social crime prevention in order to enhance the effectiveness of containing and combatting against crime and other illegal acts. Driven by those guidelines, the task of preventing and combatting against crime and criminal acts has achieved significant results, such as: eliminating criminal gangs, networks, organized groups via mobile operation across the country and overseas; generating huge impacts and positive momentum to ensure the national goal in combatting against crime, constraint the increase of criminal incidents, maintain social order and contribute to the socio-economic development of the country.

However, recently the methods criminals used to commit crime and illegal acts have became more sophisticated, interlinked with multiple fields and more mobile over different geographical areas which caused obstacles for the law enforcement forces in dealing with these changes. Moreover, there still remained limitations in managing and applying professional methods to keep track on mobile social order-related criminals which consequently reduced the effectiveness of the processes of detection, prevention, investigation.

Therefore, the conference met the necessity and importance for a timely comprehensive research on situation, causes of mobile social order-related criminals both theoretically and practically, and especially provided suggestions to enhancing the effectiveness of combatting against this type of crime.

Director of the Criminal Police Department chaired the discussion session of the Conference

Delegates delivered their opinions during the discussion session

President of the PPA delivered the closing remark

Addressing the conference for the closing remark, Major General, Prof.Dr Tran Minh Huong highly appreciated presentations and opinions delivered at the conference. the contributions of participants in accordance with the topic of the conference had covered a wide range of content and aspects, and also provided many solutions to enhance the effectiveness of managing mobile social order-related criminals in particular and of the tasks of ensuring order and safety of the society across the country in general. Based on the completion of the conference, all suggestions and opinions made by participants at the conference would be recognized and proposed to leaders of the MPS in hopes of applying findings of the conference in practice of managing mobile social order-related criminals in all-level police departments across the country.

Participants of the Conference 


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