Building institutional-level firefighting team at the PPA
President of the PPA handed the Decision on the Establishment of the Firefighting team over to its Commanding Committee

In attendance also were representatives of leadership of the functional departments of the PPA, members of the Firefighting team’s Commanding Committee and firefighters of the PPA.

Colonel, Dr. Cao Hoang Long - Chief of the PPA Office announced the decision on the establishment of the Commanding Committee and firefighting teams

In recent years, the PPA Directorate Board has paid a great attention and directed to conduct necessary measures in order to ensure the safety of firefighting at the PPA. In addition, PPA also organized many training courses to build and equip essential skills and knowledge in firefighting for PPA officers, lecturers and cadets. Up to present Until the present, the PPA has secured the fire safety of the institution and surrounding areas with no major cases reported which potentially caused damages to the State’s and people’s properties and human lives.

Having said that, fire and explosion are always potential dangers regardless time and location, especially as the key educational institution, the PPA must ensure safety for a significant flow of officers and cadets working and studying within the campus. In addition to that also there are many building, electrical facilities remain potential dangers to incidents of fire and explosion. Therefore the establishment of the Firefighting Team based at the PPA was essential and practical at the Present. This is the foundation for the fire prevention and fighting based at the PPA to gradually stabilize, ensure the fire prevention and fighting, prevent spreading fire, and contribute to proactively ensuring safety of the PPA.

President of the PPA addressed at the ceremony

The establishment of the firefighting team based at the PPA and its Commanding Committee was essential to raise awareness of fire preventing and fighting, and rescue operations; to strengthen the the capacity of on-site forces in promptly and proactively responding to fire incidents and rescue operations; to minimize damages caused by the fire and explosion.


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