PPA’s Labor Union wins first prize in Safe Driving Contest in 2015
The PPA’s Labor Union won the first prize in the Safety Driving Contest in 2015

The Safety Driving Contest in 2015 organized by the Labor Union of MPS at the Driving Training Centre - PPA with the presence of representatives of the functional agencies of the MPS and the Political General Department, the Public Security Training Institutions in Northern region, Public Security Department of Ha Noi, Hai Phong; Hanoi Police Department of Fire-fighting and Prevention; Colonel Nguyen Van Phap - Deputy Director of the Party and Mass Affairs Department - MPS, Head of the Examination Board; Lieutenant Colonel Vu Manh Ha - Chairman of the People's Public Security Labor Union, Head of the Organization Committee.

Colonel Nguyen Van Phap presented the commemorative flags for the teams

Participating in the contest, there were 33 drivers from 11 Labor Union branches in the Northern region. The drivers competed in three parts of the contest, including: Theory, Driving Practice and Behavior - Communication. According to Colonel Nguyen Van Phap, the drivers were selected from labor union branches, so they are good at driving, equal in skills and levels

The PPA’s Labor Union received the first prize in the contest

Colonel Vu Manh Ha said the contest was a practical activities to enhance and educate  the awareness of  obeying the law, ensuring the traffic order and safety, improve the driving skills...;  and create the movement "good - safety driving" for drivers in the Public Security force, contribute to building a strong public security force.

Translated by Gia Linh

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