A Devoted Responsible Female Officer of Labor Union
Mrs. Hoang Thi Lien – Chairwoman of the PPA‘s Labor Union

Lieutenant Colonel Hoang Thi Lien was impressed as an extremely work-committed cadre who has been devoted herself to laborers, worried and sympathized with difficulty, challenges of Union members as well as felt happy with  the success in job as well as social life of each member. Joining in the Labor Union by chance; however, with great enthusiasm, the more she participated in Labor Union’s activities, the more enthusiastic and excited she felt.


Mrs. Hoang Thi Lien was commended as one of the 70 most outstanding individuals 

and communities in the movement of People’s National Security and Defence

Being the leader of a bif organization of Labor Union of the PPA with nearly 500 members, Mrs. Hoang Thi Lien always expressed as a simple, friendly and trustful woman.  With a typical characteristic has a large number of female members, the Labor Union of the PPA has presumably faced with difficulties in launching  social activities, because  their hard family conditions make many members still hesitate to participate in extra-activities. However, Mrs. Lien always paid attention to share each person’s situation; encouraged and assisted them to solve their hurdles so that they could fully keep their mind on working, which contributes to making the Labor Union of the PPA become a real home for all laborers.


Mrs. Hoang Thi Lien (in the middle) – representative of the PPA  received 

the prize A in the “Master Chief” Contest of the Labor Union 

of the Political General Department

In recent years, with the attention of the PPA‘s Board of Directors; the Party, Politics and Mass Organization Management Department as well as functional department  in the Academy, Mrs. Hoang Thi Lien, in accompany with the Labor Union’s Executive Committee, has successfully held various practical activities to respond the emulating movement of studying and working creatively, contributing to making the PPA to deserve as the Heroic Unit of People‘s armed force. There could be mentioned  such as: the success of emulative movement on studying, working effectively to respond the Labor month, the emulative movement on Good and creative Laborers”, the charity work, the activities on repay the gratitude to Martyrs and wounded soldiers, the outdoor tours and exchange meeting among Union members with the Local Police forces of Lao Cai, Lang Son provinces, the sport-culture exchange in internal Labor Union of the PPA and with other Labor Union in the Public Security force… With all above achievements, the PPA‘s Labor Union was highly honored to receive the Third-rank Labor Medal by the President and a reward by the Minister of Public Security. Furthermore, numerous members of the PPA’s Labor Union was presented the Campaign Medal “For Labor Union Building” by the Vietnamese General Confederation of Laborers and other noble prizes.

Lieutenant Colonel, Hoang Thi Lien participated in the “Winter Charity” program 

at the Tinh Nhue, Thanh Son, Phu Tho

The pride of the Mrs. Lien is not only the these titles or certificates from leaders but also the trust of laborers and a happy family. These are the most meaningful sources of encouragement for the Chairwoman of the Labor Union to devote herself  both in physically and spiritually to the Labor Union Activities, step by step to confirm the position of the Labor Union in the political system of PPA - the  key training institution of Public Security force

Translated by Quynh Phuong (B10D40)

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