National Volunteer Day 2014: Heart of soldier
The meaningful messages were written to send to the public

On 5th December, 1985, realizing the practicality of volunteer activities and honoring the effort of volunteers, the United Nations chose this day as the International Volunteer Day (IVD). In the atmosphere of this international day, the volunteers will have opportunities for participating in voluntary activities in order to exchange culture, experiences, knowledge and avail their own abilities to improve society. Since then on the annual 5th December, the voluntary organizations around the world celebrate the anniversaries loudly to salute the biggest voluntary day. In addition to mobilize thousands of volunteers each year, the United Nations Volunteers (UNV) in close collaboration with partners and Governments establish the national voluntary programs to impulse and maintain local voluntary activities.


Responding to the IVD, the Vietnamese Government creates the new volunteering playground as The National Volunteer Day and particularly the big voluntary blood donation holiday that is in charge by the Vietnamese Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion.

Students of the PPA played games in the International Volunteer Day

In this year, the blood donation activity attracted more than 10,000 volunteers who are the students of universities and colleges. Towards the message “Volunteering makes a change”, many significant activities such as blood donation program, music society, free health examination, supply for remote highland students, pitching camp, flash-mob, games were organized.

As the representative of the Ministry of Public Security, there were more than 200 students of the PPA marching to join the National Volunteer Day 2014 as well as the voluntary blood donation holiday. They were all the members of PPA’s voluntary club and the club is divided into 5 groups that cooperated closely together and made the wonderful performances. With enthusiasm and high responsibility, they took part in donating blood, made camp with a motto “Nền đỏ viền xanh - Long lanh giọt hồng chiến sĩ” and subscribed to charitable fund. They also dynamically responded holiday’s activities by their own programs and got a lot of compliments and praises from around people, especially the university and college students like flash-mob, playing guitar, singing, dancing, playing funny games or holding the exhibition and so on.

Students of the PPA donated blood

Tran Thuy Duyen, Chairman of PPA’s voluntary club said that the main purpose of attending the National Volunteer Day 2014 was to strengthen the volunteer spirit of PPA’s students and broadcast the image of the Academy and the soldiers to people.


 “I am a people’s policeman so I will do my best to protect the people and national security. The more the people smile, the happier I feel”, Nguyen Toan Van - a PPA’s student expressed.


Finally, the PPA’s program unexpectedly had the great success. We hope that the PPA’s voluntary club will have more healthy and helpful movements so that the police students will have chances to show their caring sentiment and contribute their strength, brainpower to the development of society.

Khanh Conan

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