PPA’s officers and students participate in 132nd IPU
The female students of PPA at the launching ceremony

On March 24th, 2015, more than 500 students of the PPA participated in the “Launching Ceremony to protect the 132nd Inter-Parliamentary Union Assembly and the important political events taking place in Hanoi in 2015” that was held on the large square in front of the My Dinh National Stadium (Hanoi).

The ceremony was organized by the Hanoi Public Security Department, the Hanoi Capital High Command and others forces that participate in protecting the 132nd IPU to ensure the absolute safety of major political events taking place in Hanoi Capital in 2015, especially the upcoming 132nd Inter-Parliamentary Union.

Armored infantry vehicle (BTR - 60PB) of the Hanoi Capital High Command

After the opening ceremony, the students of the PPA watched the martial arts performances and the introduction of modern and special vehicles and equipment to protect the 132nd IPU  such as the ZAAM bulletproof vehicle of the special task forces; Armored infantry vehicle (BTR - 60PB) of the Hanoi Capital High Command; The anti-chemical forces and the anti-riot armored vehicles of the Hanoi Capital High Command; etc.


That the students of PPA attended this ceremony not only contributed to strengthen the coordination relationship between the PPA and Hanoi Public Security Department but also was the opportunities to raise the awareness for all students of the Academy. Through this event, the students of PPA would have the more profound aware of the role and responsibilities of the People's Public Security in ensuring the national security and maintaining the social order and safety; thereby determine the right direction and target of learning, researching when they were studying in the university.

500 students of PPA were mobilized to participate in the launching ceremony

Additionally, the officers and lecturers of the PPA also participated in 132nd IPU as the liaison officers. During the time of the 132nd IPU, 15 officers and lecturers of the units within the PPA, most of them were lecturers of Department of Foreign Languages took part in accompanying the international delegations to Vietnam to attend the 132nd IPU in order to ensure the safety and schedule such as attending the meetings in the framework of the IPU, the formal receptions and courtesy visit to the Government of Vietnam... Joining in this IPU Conference, the officers and lecturers of the PPA expressed not only the language skills but also the other soft skills such as communication skills, skills of time management and work arrangements, etc. and received the highly appreciation from the international delegations, contributed to the success of the 132nd IPU  in Vietnam.

Cong Phuong

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