Vietnamese students to be confident on the way of international integration
PPA students are confident on the way of international integration

Over the past years, students in the whole country under the guide of the Vietnamese Students Association have promoted their talent and youth, contributed to building and developing the Fatherland. The image of young, intelligent, enthusiastic and energetic individuals who are studying, training and conducting the science research has always been a beautiful one that is worth to the high praise and great encouragement. Today, most of our students have recognized their significant roles and missions in this age of the master international integration. They are all conscious to prepare themselves with the essential knowledge with a view to achieving self-improvement and a firm career. It is their intelligence, agility and creativity that allows them to broaden their social circle and to approach news on a wider scale, to connect and learn inside as well as outside the homeland, to grasp the chance of self- improvement, to advertise the Vietnamese image with foreign partners and partly to raise the national position with the powers in the world.


The effective integration is the determining factor of each student on his path to improve himself and build a stable career. Furthermore, it is also a significant criterion to vote for the best student of the year which was awarded by the Vietnamese Student Association. Aiming to meet this standard, the students are required to reach a certain level of languages and computer technology, which are considered as the two keys to unlock the giant knowledge treasure of humanity.


The group of research students and the instructor of the PPA won 

the first prize in “Vietnam Young Science Talent Award” in 2014

Being realized the significance of mastering the knowledge of languages and computer technology, nowadays, nearly all of universities in the whole country have applied these two subjects into the training curriculum. Now that the young, well-educated, active and creative students have the opportunity to study in educational institutions with the high-qualified lecturers; therefore, they have advantags in learning the languages and computer technology. In fact, many students have a good ability of using foreign languages, together with informatic technology. This capacity enables them to read and understand foreign materials including news, writings and documents and to communicate effectively to the foreigners and exchanging the information to study the culture of other countries and absorbs the human knowledge. Learning computing well can help the students quickly search for information and effectually boost their study and work. However, it should be emphasized that studying languages is not only to learn the vocabulary and make the sentences by the rules but its ultimate purpose is referred to effective communication, which is requiring the students to simultaneously learn the foreign cultures to sensibly express themselves. Likewise, the computing learning is attached to the purposes of better learning, work, interaction and healthy entertainment, not to lawbreaking.


Students now need to acquire not only knowledge, social skills but also the courage and confidence. Our nation has merely started the integration process yet confronted the numerous difficulties. As a result, only when the Vietnamese students dare to show their talent, to face the challenges, to concede their defeat and never give up, the country could be well-integrated. The students who are an expert at language but afraid of communication, grasping their chances could not become the efficient individuals. In the age of advanced technology, a click can open you to mass information which has to be filtered so that one should not be badly affected by the malicious news. Besides, it is also essential to firmly fight against offences, wrong information which has a negative effect on civil life and the national development.


The PPA students join in the shooting training course

In the trend of globalization, the PPA students have gradually been striving to study and training themselves to fulfill the heavy obligation entrusted by the Party and the People. The PPA is one of the vastest institutions of scientific training and research of the Ministry of Public Security. Apparently, students in this Academy are the future police officers. The Party and civilians have allocated the police forces to the task of combating against criminal behaviours and offences, to tighten national security and social order. It is an honoured yet heavy responsibility that calls for the restless effort of each and every student.


The economic cross-nation globalization has been being promoted national advancement but at the same time, created many challenges, especially these of high-tech offences and money laundering… The crime takes place not only in a national scale but also in coordination with foreign suspects. In reality, a successful combat against crimes calls for international cooperation among the police forces of worldwide.


Today, the Party Committee, the Directorate Board of the PPA along with all the officers and teachers have been assisting the students to integrate. The numerous PPA students have been sent to study abroad in Thailand and Russian Federation where they are approaching the criminal investigation training course of different countries in the world, to organize the students exchanging programs for the Days of Traditional Diplomatic Relationship between Viet Nam and other nations; to interact and help Laos, Cambodian, Korean, Palestine students who are currently following the training curriculum in the PPA,…


The PPA students guided  the university examination information for the youth

In the PPA, the students are required to reach politics standard, law knowledge and police speciality and a certain language and computing level, which are also their graduation criteria. Police students must pass B certificate of informatic technology and one of these following languages: English, Chinese, Russian; and higher qualifications for students of Language and Anti-High-tech Crime Investigation Speciality. Reaching \above standard requirements, the students of the PPA are well-equipped with core essentials for international integration.


Being aware of their responsibility, the PPA students together with students across the nations will try their best to overcome all the obstacles, to study and train day-by-day, to contribute to bringing about internal success on its way into globalization. It is hope that all students will always be examples and confident individuals, creating the beautiful images of a potentially developing Vietnam in the eyes of our foreign friends.

Written by Vu Van Ninh

Translated by Quynh Phương

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