Competition of Model Class on execution of Public Security regulations - New form in assessment of students’ awareness and behavior at PPA
The class performed the content of platoon management

By holding the competition, the Organizing Board wanted to improve the understanding and skills of the class group leaders in the management and implementation of self-management in study and practice; raise the awareness, responsibility, discipline of students in complying with the Public Security regulations. From that point, the PPA will build the model classes on execution of the Public Security regulations, continue to effectively implement the campaign “The Public Security force seriously abides by the regulation, builds cultural lifestyle to serve the people” and the Directive No.05 of the Ministry of Public Security to further promote the movement “The Public Security force studies and implements the six things taught by Uncle Ho” for the period 2013 - 2018.

The Judge kept a close watch on the competition

After the elimination, the Organizing Board selected the best individuals and collectives to attend the final. The final consisted of two parts: the parade command, platoon management; arrangement of internal order, the hygiene of hostel, the lecture halls and the assigned areas.

The class group leader answered the question of the Judge

Final result of the competition:

- The first prize belongs to class B9 - D40.

- The second prizes: class B3B - D40; B14 - D41.

- The third prizes: class B13 - D42; B2A - LT31; D28 Laos.

- The encouraging prizes: class B5 - D41; B9 - D42; B9 - LT32 and L2K2.

The class performed parade 

Through the competition, the class group leaders and students of courses have better understanding of the regulations of the PPA and the Ministry of Public Security on the serious implementation of the Public Security regulations. The competition also helps the management units to take measures and orientation to improve the class group leaders and manage the classes to enhance the effectiveness of the execution of the Public Security regulations of the PPA’s students.


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