The students of course D42 - PPA express martial arts talent
Course D42 of PPA has 812 students being staffed into 18 classes equivalent to 18 majors, including 777 Vietnamese students and 35 international students.

Lieutenant General, Prof. Dr. Nguyen Xuan Yem, President of PPA spoke at the Closing Ceremony

During 6 months of hard training, the students of course D42 have completed hundreds of lessons of martial arts, routine order, soft skills and teamwork skills.

In order to improve the quality of training at the beginning of the course, to contribute to the establishment of PPA as an exemplary training institution and aim to become a national key institution in 2018, PPA has implemented the first training model six month course for new students, starting with course D41.

Newly applied so far is 2 years, the first six month training model has achieved the satisfactory results in the basic knowledge of routine order and martial arts. Students are trained the ritual style of the Public Security force.

The students of course D42 performed the contents of the routine order at the Closing Ceremony

Students showed their bravery and martial arts skills through the basic movements of Public Security’s martial arts with the essence of national martial arts.

Martial arts play a very important role in resolving situations in the work and fighting of the Public Security force.

During the initial training period, in addition to the main subjects, students also participated in many marches and excursions.

The students of course D42 displayed the ability to fold blankets square

At the Closing Ceremony, leaders of PPA awarded many Certificates of Merit to organizations and individuals who have excellent achievements in training.

Representatives of students of course D42 donated books to the library of PPA

 Translated by Nguyen Ba Thu

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