Korean KOICA expert taught elementary Korean language at the PPA
Leader of International Cooperation Department spoke at the course

The overview of the classroom

At the end of the first course, students have accessed to Korean at the elementary level. In addition to being able to use the learned knowledge to conduct basic conversation in daily communication, the course also helped students learn more about the beauty of Korean culture and people.

Students introduced themselves in Korean language

Promoting positive results from the first course, in order to improve the ability to learn foreign languages for officers and students of the Academy, on January 09th 2018, the PPA continued to hold 2nd primary class in Korean language with the participation of more than 20 students. Besides, the course was organized with many new points, specifically: ICD connected and recommended officers of The Korean National Police Agency provide and allow Vietnamese Police to use primary Korean language textbook that was helpful in the learning process of the trainees; Enhancing interaction and communication between teachers and learners to create a fun learning environment in order to meet the goals of the course.

Not only teaching and learning foreign languages, the course also showed the cooperative relationship between the PPA and Korea International Cooperation Agency in order to promote sustainable cooperation as well as enhance exchanging of learning and cultural between the two sides in the coming time.


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