Participants from other countries delivered presentations at the People’s Police Academy within the framework of Asia Region Law Enforcement Management Program (ARLEMP 44)
Participants from other countries delivered presentations

Detective Superintendent Roger Brown - senior liaison officer of AFP in Hanoi, representative of RMIT University Vietnam as well as 22 participants from 17 countries in South Asia, South East Asia and North Asia attended the program. From PPA, there were representatives of International Cooperation Department, Faculty of Hi-tech Crime Prevention and Suppression, Faculty of Investigation Police, Criminology and Criminal Investigation Research Center together with more than 60 PPA cadets.

At PPA, ARLEMP 44 participants delivered the presentations by groups which shared a lot of knowledge and experiences in cybercrime prevention and investigation, analyzed the challenges put over the law enforcement agencies in combatting with this type of crime then made some recommendation to improve international cooperation effectiveness in responding and controlling cybercrime in the future. Afterwards, the participants and PPA cadets had efficient discussion on related issues which brought the cadets more knowledge and understanding about this dangerous crime which was concerned by the whole world.

Attending the program, Senior Lieutenant Nguyen Van Trong, a lecturer of Faculty of Hi-tech Crime prevention and Suppression of PPA delivered a presentation on the topic of “Current situation and hi-tech crime investigation in Vietnam”. Through his presentation, colleagues from other countries understood more about Vietnamese regulations on hi-tech crime, current situation of hi-tech crime in Vietnam as well as the challenges for Vietnamese law enforcement agencies to deal with this type of crime in the future.

The delegates took commemorative photos at PPA

The program was successfully organized and gave good impression to the participants and cooperative partner - Australian Federal Police. 

Nguyen Van - ICD

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