Regional Director - Asia Pacific South and South East Asia Region of University of West of England visits PPA
Police Lieutenant General Prof. Dr. Nguyen Xuan Yem - President of the PPA introduced about the training and education of the Academy

Police Lieutenant General Prof. Dr. Nguyen Xuan Yem - President of PPA chaired the meeting with the delegation together with the representatives of International Cooperation Division, Administrative Office, Training Management Division and Law Faculty.

During the meeting, on behalf of the Board of Director of PPA, Police Lieutenant General Prof. Dr. Nguyen Xuan Yem welcomed the delegation to the Academy, appreciated the prestige and training quality of UWE relating major of law. He acknowledged the success of UWE in implementing joint training programs with prestige universities of Vietnam such as Ho Chi Minh City Law University and Ha Noi Law University. Based on the experience and achievement of UWE, the President hoped the two institutions could promote the cooperation in the future, firstly prioritized some masters including: promoting a join training program on Bachelor of Law between PPA and UWE for the students of criminal justice of PPA; promoting the short-term lecturer and student exchange programs; inviting the lecturers of UWE to present at the PPA during their visits or teaching terms in Vietnam.

Police Lieutenant General Prof. Dr. Nguyen Xuan Yem presented the souvenir for Prof. Ray Priest

On behalf of UWE, Professor Ray Priest expressed the sincere thanks to the President Nguyen Xuan Yem for inviting and welcoming him to the Academy. Professor Ray Priest shared the experiences in join training operation of UWE with some institutions of other countries including Vietnam. He appreciated the cooperative ideas raised by the President of the Academy and added that they were possible and suitable to the UWE capacity.  Professor Ray Priest himself and UWE Office in Vietnam would make efforts to promote the cooperation with PPA to implement the ideas mentioned above.

At the meeting, the two sides expressed the wishes that the cooperation between PPA and UWE would be implemented soon in the future.

The University of the West of England (also known as UWE Bristol, or simply UWE) is one of the largest providers of Higher Education in the South West of England. The University is in top 5 of Teaching Rankings reported by Quality Assurance Agency and in top 64 (among 108 universities) “Prestige Universities” Ranking in 2006 published by Times Higher Education Supplement using the data of Higher Education Statistics Agency. The University has 3,692 lecturers and staffs and 28,679 students including 4,000 international students. UWE has started implementing training programs in Vietnam since 2005, up to now; the university has developed the cooperative relations with more than 10 partners in Vietnam including universities, colleges, and Government Agencies at both local and state levels.The training fields of UWE are various including economy, finance, banking, law and technology. In the field of law, the University has trained major law, criminal justice and criminology.

Nguyen Van - ICD

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