Vietnamese People Police Academy (PPA) and Korean International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) in Vietnam offer incense to President Ho Chi Minh temple at Bavi mountain
The PPA- KOICA Vietnam on the way to President Ho Chi Minh Temple at Bavi Mountain.

KOICA delegation was warmly welcomed by Pol. Maj. Gen- Prof. Dr Nguyen Xuan Yem, President of PPA, together with PPA Directorate and representatives of functional department as well as Youth Union, Women Union, Labour Union….

Meeting of PPA-KOICA Vietnam at President Ho Chi Minh Temple

At Ho Chi Minh Temple in Bavi mountain, the KOICA and PPA officers offered incense and reported to Uncle Ho their academic achievements in the last years in fields of training and education as well as the friendship and cooperation between Vietnam and Korea in general and between the PPA and the KOICA Vietnam in particular. The delegation made promise of using creatively Ho Chi Minh Thoughts on international cooperation and strengthening the existing cooperation between the  PPA and the KOICA Vietnam in order to improve the quality of police teaching and learning to meet the demands of new situations. The delegation also showed their determination in building up the PPA into the key university of the Ministry of Public Security and Vietnam.

Leaders of the PPA and the KOICA Vietnam offered incense to President Ho Chi Minh

Here, the group were briefed by enthusiastic guides on the history of the Temle of President Ho Chi Minh whom they deeply admired and respected. The Temple was 1269 meters high, lying at “Vua Peak”- the highest peak of Bavi mountain. This temple was built following Ho Chi Minh aspirations and the decision of Vietnamese Politburo from March 1999 to August 1999.

The PPA-KOICA delegation at President Ho Chi Minh Temple of “Vua Peak”, Bavi Mountain.

After the incense offer, the PPA-KOICA delegation also hold an cultural exchage at Bavi National Park which had rich and diverse tropical and subtropical species of flora and fauna.

Gifts exchange between leaders of the PPA and the KOICA Vietnam

 Xuân Bình

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