PPA leader receives KOICA delegation for surveying project “Construction of Electronic Library”
The PPA leaders received KOICA’s delegation

At the working session, Colonel, Dr. Tran Minh Chat, Deputy Director of the PPA honestly thanked Korean Government and KOICA for supporting and contributing to the Ministry of Public Security and the PPA during the last time. He claimed that the PPA really expected  both sides will cooperated tightly so as the draft of project will be implemented in the next time.


Also, the KOICE delegation was introduced infrastructure of the PPA library centre and project on the 12-floor library building which has been built here and the way to arrange and use this building, especially the way to arrange the electronic library after finishing the building. The KOICA delegation also went to see current library and the 12-floor library building of the PPA.


KOICA delegation works with the leader board of the PPA library centre

After, on 22nd, March, the PPA library centre’s leader board worked directly with Mr.Kim Sik Huyn, Deputy chief representative of KOICA and two information technology experts. At the working session, the PPA library centre presented specific details on the situation of current electronic library and the draft of project on building a new electronic library in the future. Under the draft of project, the new electronic library will improve and upgrade data transmission network in PPA; build a center of data integration, data storage, database and software and software system to improve the efficiency of the management, storage and exploitation of material resources at the PPA; build a multimedia communication environment for learning, researching, exchanging between staffs and students; and improve quality of network management team, librarians and officers to meet teaching and studying demand at the PPA.


Speaking at the meeting, Colonel Nguyen Quang Thuong, Director of the library center expressed deep appreciation to the Government of Korea and the KOICA’s care, support in recent years to the PPA in various fields, including projects on construction of electronic library at the PPA. He hoped that through the work session with the PPA library center today, the KOICA delegation will survey more accurately feasibility of draft of project which has been built by the center, from that point to contribute to promoting the project soon go into effect.

Since the end of 2012, PPA submitted the draft of project on “Construction of Electronic Library at the PPA” to KOICA. Thanks to its feasibility, KOICA officially sent a delegation to co-work with the Ministry of Public Security and PPA to discuss feasibility of the draft.

Translated by GL

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