Delegation from Ministry of Interior of Republic Mozambique visits and works with PPA
Colonel, Dr Dang Xuan Khang, Deputy President of the PPA received the delegation from Republic Mozambique Ministry of Interior as the public security ritual

At the working session, the Mozambique delegation was introduced tradition of foundation and development of the PPA; reported situation of training, education and science research of the Academy as well as prospect of international cooperation in the coming time.


President  of the PPA Nguyen Xuan Yem presents memorial gift 

for Mozambique Minister of  Interior Alberto Mondlane 

Also, the Minister of Interior of the Mozambique delegation  and President of the PPA assessed results of cooperation on crime prevention between Vietnam and Mozambique during last time and proposed the cooperative directions in training and enhancing capacity of police officers between the Vietnamese Ministry of Public Security and Mozambique Ministry of Interior in general as well as between the PPA  and the Mozambique police training units in particular.


Speaking at the working session, Mozambique Minister Alberto Mondlane recorded and reaffirmed that they would implement the PPA’s recommendations soon, including: organizing training courses which were taught directly in English, exchanging delegation between Vietnam and Mozambique as signed cooperative plan between two sides. Mr. Alberto Mondlane also proposed the PPA to consider opening a Vietnamese language course  for Mozambique police officers to strengthen quality and effectiveness of training and cooperative relations between the two sides in the coming time. He also looked forward for welcoming the PPA delegation to Mzambique soon.


Representatives take memorial photograph at  the Ho Chi Minh statue

On this occasion, the Mozambique delegation visited the PPA material facilities, took photograph at the Ho Chi Minh President statue, thurified at the Literature Temple Area at the PPA.

Translated by GL

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