Letter of Happy New Year from Minister of Public Security To Lam
Ladies and gentleman,

On the occasion of new year 2017 and welcoming Dinh Dau Spring, on behalf of Central Party Committee of Public Security and Ministry of Public Security, I sincerely send my compliments and best wishes of happy new year to all commanders, non-commissioned officers, soldiers, employees, students, retired officers, wounded soldiers, sick soldiers, Public Security partiotic martyr’s relatives; commune’s police and company guards!

In 2016, in addition to basic advantages, world, regional and domestic context has many complicated happenning and makes more difficulties and challenges for the duty of assuring national security and social safety. However, with leadership of Central Party Committee, National Assembly and Government; the concerted efforts from the whole political system; the great support of people; belief and highly politic determination, the people’s police force has efforts and overcomes all difficulties and challenges and comprehensively perform working methods; timely prevent plots and sabotage activities of the hostile forces; prevent crimes and social evils, assure social safety, contribute to absolute safety of 12th National Congress of the Party, 14th National Assembly election and People’s Council at all levels of 2016 - 2021 office term, hold fast to the political stability, create healthy and safety environment for people and effectively serve the duty of economic - social development and foreign affairs  of the country.

Entering in the new year 2017 - the second year which has an important position in successful performance of Resolution of 12th Congress of the Party and economic & social development plans for the 2016 - 2020 period, heavily working requirements and duties require the Public Security Force to promote heroic and glorious tradition; increase innovation, discipline and accountability and make close combination with People Army and the political system; be model and take the lead in performing Central Resolution 4 (12th intake) on improvement of Party building and reorganization; prevent and drive back the degradation of political ideology, ethics, lifestyle, internal expression of “self-development", "self-transformation"; promote learning and following Ho Chi Minh’s ideology, ethics and lifestyle, create new development and breakthroughs in quality and efficiency in the work, successfully complete the duty of maintaining national security, social order and safety; successfully perform national building and protection and deserve the trust and love of the Party, State and people.
Wish all of you a new year of health, happiness and success!

Cordially greet and win!

Senior Lieutenant General To Lam, Member of Politburo,
Secretary of Central Party Committee of Public Security, Minister of Public Security

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