President Tran Dai Quang’s congratulatory letter to forces of Finance of People Public Security


Ha Noi, April 10th, 2016

Dear Comrades!

On occasion of the the 70th Anniversary of the Traditional Day of the forces of Finance of People’s Public Security (17/4/1946 - 17/4/2016), on behalf of leader of the Party and State, I cordially send to the generations of officials, soldiers in charge of financial affairs of People’s Public Security my sincere feelings and best wishes.

During 70 years of construction, development and growth, the forces of Finance of People’s Public Security have constantly been growing in all aspects: always follow to the political tasks, actively advise the Central Public Security Party Committee, leaders of the Ministry of Public Security, heads of Public Security Departments at all levels on the financial affairs, serve well requires of regular-unpredicted operation of fighting and force-building, actively innovate the financial management, effectively use the financial resources; focus application of scientific achievements - advanced technology in line of the mechanism of financial management in the reform era. These efforts of generations of officers and soldiers working in finance affairs have actively contributed to the Cause of protecting the national security, maintaining social order and safety, building the force of public security revolutionary, regular and step by step modern.

In the coming time, the political task of the force of People's Public Security will be enormous and glorious, demanding the forces of Finance of People’s Public Security to enhance the role of advising and financial assurance for the Public Security; focus on administration innovation and reform, manage closely, save resources, avoid the loss, waste and serve effectively work of fighting and force-building. Each officer and soldier working in financial affair is required to make an effort to improve the professional qualifications and revolutionary moral virtues, enhance the sense of responsibility, initiative, creativity, diligence in work, overcome difficulties and challenges, successfully complete assigned tasks.

I deeply believe that, under the leadership and guidance of Party committees, public security commanders at all levels, the forces of Finance of People’s Public Security will make more significant achievements, contributing to the Cause of security and order, successfully serving the mission of socio-economic development  and foreign affair of the country.

I wish comrades good health, happiness and success.


General Tran Dai Quang

Member of the Political Bureau, 

President of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam


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