The Japanese stamp on cooperation in training and fostering researchers on traffic order and safety at the People's Police Academy
Launch of Center for Traffic Safety Research - The People’s Police Academy

With the aim of supporting countries in the world including Vietnam to develop transport infrastructure; sharing knowledge, experience and technology to develop human resources in the field of transportation, the Japaneses Government has provided ODA to Vietnam in a large amount, accounting for 40% of total ODA, of which 45 % of capital to the transportation sector.

In 2007, the number of fatalities due to traffic accidents was over 13,000 and became a serious problem for the whole society. Facing this situation, the Japanese Government has conducted many consultancy activities, assisting the Vietnamese Government in issuing a system of policies and training human resources for the assurance of the transportation system, such as: "Traffic Safety Project in Vietnam"; " Human Resources Development for Traffic Safety in Hanoi".... However, through cooperation among the  involved parties, the Ministry of People’s Public Security is the state management authorized on traffic order and safety, but there is no specialized agency; The syllabus’ content has not been updated the experiences, which are applied by traffic police in developed countries. In order to assist the Ministry of Public Security in training human resources for teaching and research on the assurance of traffic safety and order, through various meetings between the Ministry of Public Security and JICA in Vietnam and the agreement of the two countries' governments, on July 7th The Minister of Public Security issued Decision No. 2470/QD-BCA-H41 approving the project to support the training of traffic police at the People's Police Academy and  other training institutions in Vietnam, the People's Police Academy is the lead agency and the Office of the project is located at the PPA. During the period from April 2010 to December 2013, after three and a half years of implementation, the project has equipped the People's Police Academy with a number of training facilities for road and railway traffic control such as cars, patrols of traffic police; computer rooms; development of a set of reference materials for training traffic police at the People's Police Academy and police schools; sharing experiences in research organization, teaching and using in-depth research software of Japan and countries; Organizing training courses on coercion for 500 trafic police officers in 10 northern provinces; Training safety driving skills for 5 officers, who are lecturers of the PPA and Department of Traffic Police in Japan..... Particularly, on June 17th 2013, the Minister of Public Security signed Decision No. 3079 /QD-BCA establishing the Center for Traffic Safety Research under People's Police Academy - the first institute to research on ensuring traffic safety of the Ministry of Public Security. This is an important milestone marking the development of the People's Police Academy in terms of organizational structure, training traffic police officers, and research on traffic safety.

After nearly 05 years of establishment, Center for Traffic Safety Research has been developing and directly involved in training nearly 4000 police officers, including nearly 2,000 traffic police officers along with many contributions to policy, legal documents on trafic safety in Viet Nam. Every year, the Center studies and publishes the White Book on the traffic situation in Vietnam and manucipalities; making many decisions on the construction and improvement of the road traffic law system and ensuring traffic safety at national traffic safety conferences, scientific conferences and programs hosted by the National Traffic Safety Committee, the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Transport; advising the leaders of the Ministry of Public Security, authorities and local police on many theoretical and practical issues on assuring traffic safety; researching dozens of scientific and technology tasks at various levels, including ministerial and state-level tasks; In coordination with the National Traffic Safety Committee, the Department of Traffic Safety organizing many training programs to improve the capacity of traffic police force throughout the country.

The inauguration ceremony of the Vietnamese-Japanese Cultural Reading Room

Looking forward to the 50th anniversary of the foundation of the People's Police Academy (15/5/1968 - 15/5/2018), on September 20th 2017, the People's Police Academy held the inauguration ceremony and opened the Vietnamese - Japanese Cultural Reading Room. It is located at Le Quan Library with 02 functional areas, including a display area and a documentary study area with friendly facilities for officers, lecturers and students. Visitors will have the chance to study the Japanese experience in ensuring traffic safety as well as learning about its culture. The building was the hallmark of friendly cooperation between the Japanese Government and Vietnamese Government, expressing the sincere sentiments of officers of the People's Police Academy. It is the sincerest thanks to the Government, people and Japanese experts for the Ministry of Public Security and the People's Police Academy.

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