85 year anniversary of the Vietnam Women's Union (20/10/1930 - 20/10/2015) and a special talk about health care
Major General,Assoc Prof. Dr. Dang Xuan Khang –Vice President of the PPA speaking at the ceremony
The meeting attendants were the Major General,Assoc Prof. Dr. Dang Xuan Khang –Vice President of the PPA; Asso.Prof.Dr. Emeritus Teacher - Specialist II-Doctor Vuong Tien Hoa - Hanoi Medical University Trainer; the Academy WU former leaders through periods; comrades as representatives of Departments, Divisions, Centres, Unions, Youth League, majority of cadres, teachers and female students throughout the Academy.

At the ceremony, the Major Bui Diep Nga - Chairman of the Academy WU had a welcome speech, reviewing the glorious tradition of the Vietnam Women's Union in 85 years of building and development at the same time station operations of the Academy WU in 2014-2015 academic year.


The excellent music performance in the meeting

Recent years, having been attended and facilitated by the PPA’s Party, Board of Directors, the women union activies and women's movement of the Academy has continually grown both in organization and quality. The Academy Women’s Union members have always promoted "Heroism, determination, faithfulness, resourcefulness” tradition, striving to forge qualities of women: "Self-confidence – self-respect - faithfulness, resourcefulness ". Promoting implementation of Direction No 03 instructed by the MPS on "Continue tightening disciplines; building cultural life of service for people "and determination to successfully implement the Resolution of the Eleventh National Women Congress, General Assembly Resolution of Women at all levels in the people’s police in  2011-2016 period.


Major General, Assoc Prof. Dr. Dang Xuan Khang presented flowers

to former leaders of the Academy Women's Union through periods

Currently, the PPA WU has 1056 members, in which 02  members are conferred Associate Professor, 19 have doctoral degree, more than 100 have MBA degrees. In the last school year, 141 women involved in scientific research projects at all levels, 08 outstanding grassroots projects were accepted. The staff work and female staff work of the academy have grown in both quantity and quality. There are 20 women who hold management positions at the department level or equivalent, almost 50 women who are planted to team, group titles... though  the certain positions, they are trying to practice, follow discipline, overcome dificulties and successfully completed assigned tasks, taking dedication and devotion to the profession ... truly exemplary women “good for country and housework”.


Major General,Assoc Prof.Dr.Dang Xuan Khang presenting

bouquet and congratulations to the Academy WU

Speaking at the ceremony, Major General,Assoc Prof.Dr. Dang Xuan Khang,Vice President of the PPA, congratulated the results, achievements that the PPA WU has obtained in recent years. The Vice President also desired that in future the Union's work and women's movements in the PPA would develop more comprehensively and solidly to deserve 8 words given by Uncle Ho “Heroism, determination, faithfulness, resourcefulness””.


Participants taking memorial photos after the meeting

On this occasion, the PPA WU invited the Asso.Prof.Dr. Emeritus Teacher - Specialist II-Doctor  Vuong Tien Hoa - Hanoi Medical University Trainer to talk and answer questions concerning women reproductive health, helping women understand more about health care and improving reproductive care quality in Vietnam; "cohabitation" before marriage and  consequences to the youth ...

Written by Hong Giang
Translated by Van Anh

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