“Excellent local women carde" contest
Major General, Dr. Dang Xuan Khang - Vice President of the PPA awarded the first prize to the Bright Star team
Attending the contest were Mrs. Luong Thi Thuy - Vice Manager of the Organizational Department of Vietnam Women’s Union; Lieutenant Colonel. Pham Thi Nhan - President of the Women's Union of Political General Department of MPS; leadership representatives, staffs and lecturers of Departments, Faculties, Centers of the PPA.

This year, there were 8 teams taking part in the contest. They would compete with each other over four rounds compellingly. Each round was a nice view of women in the new era. The contest was divided into four rounds: Round 1: Graceful Women - Self-Introducing; Round 2: Self-confident Women - Learning knowledge; Round 3: Talent Women - Talent; Round 4: Shining Women - Eloquence.


Round 2 - Self-confident Women - Learning knowledge


Round 3 - Talent Women - Talent


Round 4 - Shining Women - Eloquence

After 3 hours of taking place lively, enthusiastically, the participating teams performed their own competive parts so well. Each participant showed the qualification, competence as well as ability to conduct flexibly, ingeniously which left a good impression for the audiences. Ending the contest, the Bright Star team (students of course D37) got the first prize in a convincing way; the October Flower team (Officers of Departments and Centers) and the Youth team (students of course D40) won the second prize; the Ao dai team (Teachers) together with the Green Rose (students of Transition course) gained the third prize; the Sunflower team (Officers of Food-Supply Management Department), the Vo Thi Sau team (students of course D38) with the Steel Rose (students of course D39) got the consolation prize.


The Ao dai team and the Green Rose team was awarded the third prize

The “Excellent Local Women Cadre” contest in 2015 is a political activity which is held extensively with practical significance. It is an opportunity for officials and members of the Women’s Union of the PPA to learn, exchange experience as well as improve knowledge, art of communication behavior, proper settlement of relationship within the family and society. It helps the staff members of the Women’s Union to be dynamic, creative as well as capable of proposing, innovating content and methods of organizing the Union’s activities with a view to attracting more women to participate in.

Written by Do Hung
Translated by Nguyen Quang Nghi (B10d39)

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