PPA successfully organizes admission ceremony to new students of course D41
A student volunteer was giving a new student and his parents the specific instructions to make admissions
As the expectation of the PPA, the admission ceremony to PPA’ students of course D41 took place with the participation of numerous freshmen together with their parents. Although the weather was a little obstacle with prolonged rain, thanks to the efforts of all departments, the Youth Union, the PPA’s youth as well as the volunteer team, the ceremony took place smoothly and successfully.

In particular, the organization of this year's admission ceremony was conducted with the enthusiastic response from the voluntary student team. They not only helped the officers and teachers to inspect the records, resume and the required procedures of freshmen inside the Main Hall but also arranged  right from the main gate to direct the new students and their families to the admission place. Besides, they gave freshmen’s families the brief of introduction overview on the Academy as well as the armed force environment.


The radiant faces with smiles of family members of the new students of the PPA

Interviewing one of the parents of freshmen, the correspondent of "Internal magazine of young policemen" could not be unmoved when feeling the pride in the eyes of the parents when taking their children to the new academy: "My whole family came here from 6h30 a.m to prepare for the admission. When we knew he had passed the entrance exam, we were so happy. He not only achieved his dream but also brought the pride to our family," Mrs. Nguyen Thi Hoa (Nghe An Province) shared.

After completing the admission procedures, the new students of course D41 were directed to the PPA’s dormitory for stablizing thier accommodation. The PPA would create the best conditions for them to continue to develop their spirit of learning and training, to deserve the former generation’s bright tradition at the PPA.

Written by Huy Hoang - Anh Tuan
Translated by Quang Nghi

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