PPA starts school year 2018 - 2019
Senior Lieutenant General, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bui Van Nam, Vice Minister of Public Security, drummed to start new school year at the PPA.

Attending the ceremony, there were representatives of functional units from Ministry of Public Security, police traning institutes, local police departments, domestic and international agencies; the Directorate and all the officers, lecturers, employees and students of the Academy. 

Marching program to celebrate the new school year

Promoting the tradition of 50 years of development, the unit twice awarded the title Hero of the People's Armed Forces, the PPA has determined the theme of the school year 2018 - 2019: “Building the People's Police Academy to become a national standard institute” with the following main contents: To complete the organizational structure of the Academy according to the new model of the Ministry of Public Security; To concentrate on training and retraining lecturers with good professional qualifications; To improve the quality of education and training, linking theoretical training with practical work; To improve the quality of the student management to ensure regular discipline; To complete the system of teaching materials; To strengthen scientific research and international cooperation; To build a synchronous and modern infrastructure for the training work of the Academy. 

Vice Minister Bui Van Nam delivered his speech at the Ceremony

At the ceremony, on behalf of the Public Security’s Central Party Committee, leaders of the Ministry of Public Security, Vice Minister Bui Van Nam acknowledged, appreciated the efforts of lecturers, officers, employees and students of the PPA, warmly commended the achievements in the education and training in the past years.

The Vice Minister emphasized that in the changing situation, the task of the People's Public Security force was still very challenging due to complicated changes in the world and in the countries. Therefore, the Public Security, especially the People’s Police Forces, needs to improve their political will; stand firm in the face of criminals; concentrate on renovating the organizational apparatus, improving working efficiency, especially in education and training, to better meet the requirements of combat in practical.

With the aim of building up a revolutionary, regular and progressive police force, the Vice Minister recommended that the PPA should continue to intensively innovate and promote its position - the leading institute in training police of the Ministry of Public Security; focus on the implementation of the following key tasks:

Firstly, awaring the advantages and disadvantages posed to the education and training in general and the political tasks of the Academy in particular. To effectively implement the Party's and the State's guidelines and directions as well as the resolutions and directives of the Ministry of Public Security in renewing the education and training, actively direct the work of education and training of the Academy according to the reality, promptly meeting the requirements of ensuring security and order in the new situation.

Secondly, strengthening the capacity for the lecturers and educational administrators in terms of quantity, improving the quality, ensuring the inheritance and development; In particular, each teacher must be a good example of ability, intellect and moral style for their students. Along with theoretical research, attention should be paid to enhancing practical experience for teachers.

Thirdly, innovating the teaching methods, promote self-learning, creative thinking ability and practical application capacity for students, skills to handle professional situation. Students should be equipped with critical thinking and creativity in studying in the context of international integration. Strengthening the emulation movement of good teaching and attaching importance to practical summaries to raise the quality of scientific research; step by step completing the system of teaching materials.

Fourthly, promoting scientific research in the direction of strengthening cooperation with local units, apply results of scientific projects into localities; attaching practical review with theoretical research to contribute to the improvement of the police theory and to provide materials for teaching and learning. Paying attention to new issues arising in practice, common problems of countries in the region and in the world relating to security and order situation in the current period.

At the same time, expanding the international cooperation in training and fostering police officers with ASEAN countries; attaching importance to investment in the training and retraining of officers from Laos and Cambodia; expanding the international cooperation activities with other countries in order to make use of experience, science and technology.

Fifthly, focusing on building the Party, maintaining internal solidarity, promoting strongly the democracy in the work and management; maintaining discipline in management and education of students, creating a fundamental change in the education quality, especially in the personality, lifestyle and ethics education of police officers; renovating the pre-course training for students, focusing on police drills and the Police’s code of behavior; promoting and maintaining the training movements regularly. 

Senior Colonel, Prof. Dr. Tran Minh Huong, President of the PPA, delivered his speech at the Ceremony

On behalf of the PPA Directorate, Senior Colonel, Prof. Dr. Tran Minh Huong, President of the PPA acknowledged the directions from the Vice Minister. In the coming time, the Directorate of the PPA will effectively implement the guidance of the Vice Minister. Under the motto “Initiative, Innovation, Discipline, Responsibility, Efficiency, Tradition, Renovation, Dynamic and Development, the PPA will renovate comprehensively the education and training, striving to build the PPA to become a key national higher education, meeting national standards and become a modern police academy in the ASEAN region.


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