Trade Union of PPA organized "Back to the Source" at Con Dao
Delegates of the Trade Union of PPA visited the cemetery Hang Duong - Con Dao

The delegation of PPA was headed by Major General, Prof. Dr. Ho Trong Ngu, Vice President of the Academy. Members of the delegation were officers, union members, leaders of the functional units of the Academy; Some local public security and other businesses and benefactors.

Responding to activities "towards the sea island" and grateful for the heroes, fallen heroes, former prisoners of Con Dao in two wars of national liberation and unification, PPA organized the journey back to the source to light incense to the heroes, fallen heroes and grateful former prisoners Con Dao. This is the meaningful journey towards the red address of leaders, officers of PPA, following the tradition of the nation.

Major General, Prof. Dr. Ho Trong Ngu presented gifts, gratitude to the former prisoners Con Dao

The delegation visited the Con Dao Prison, the Hang Duong Martyrs Cemetery; burnt incense commemorating the late General Secretary Le Hong Phong, heroic woman of People’s Public Security Vo Thi Sau, patriotic Nguyen An Ninh, and heroes and martyrs sacrificed in Con Dao through two wars against French and American. These activities helped the officers, lectures of PPA to build up national pride and gratitude to heroic martyrs, promote patriotism and inherit the heroic tradition to study, work and train to contribute to the development of the country.

Here, the delegation has heard directly the witnesses of the former prisoners Con Dao comrades talked about heroic, resilient, courageous, undaunted communist prisoners in front of the brutal torture, against the atrocities of the French colonialism, American imperialism and the Saigon regime.

On this occasion, PPA had many gifts to donate to old revolutionary comrades - former prisoners of Con Dao to express the spirit "when drinking water, think of its source" for the previous generation.

The delegation of PPA burnt incense to commemorate the heroic martyrs of Con Dao


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