Guitar show “Rain in May”: Music connects passion
The lively atmosphere of the show

The event had the participation of the Guitar club of universities in Hanoi such as the People’s Security Academy, People's Public Security Political Academy, Banking Academy, Academy of Finance, Foreign Trade University, University of Mining - Geology, English and Foreign Languages University, etc. The program also had the presence of the members in the Executive Committee of the PPA Party Committee, the Executive Committee of the PPA Youth Union.

Lieutenant Vu Van Thuan - Secretary of the PPA Youth Union

 thanked the participation of the other university

The guitar show was held on the occasion of the 49th birthday of the PPA. This is a gift from the students of the PPA for the 49-years-old Academy - the leading police training institution of the Ministry of Public Security. The show is also a practical activity to celebrate the success of the 17th Communist Youth Congress of the PPA.

The lively atmosphere of the show

“Rain in May” is an opportunity for students to show their voice and the ability to play instruments such as drums, flute, guitar, organ, etc. through the hit songs such as: “Rock through the night” or “Soul of rock”. Besides the exciting atmosphere, there were deep and romantic performances like “When we love each other”, “Rain of the young”, etc. The show created the solidarity, the unity between the students of the PPA and students of the other universities.

The artists were feeling with the music 

The success of “Rain in May” has confirmed the talents and enthusiasm of the students. Hopefully, from the success of this show, the Guitar club of the PPA will have new developments in the coming time.


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