PPA receives teachers of French in the framework of cooperation with the representative of the National Police Agency - Embassy of France in Hanoi
Major General,Associate Prof. Dr. Dang Xuan Khang – Vice President of the Institute met and talked with Ms. Catherine Rossi assistance to - French police attache in Vietnam
Major General,Associate Prof.Dr .Dang Xuan Khang,  of the Academy chaired the meeting. The participants were leadership representatives of International Cooperation Department and the Faculty of Foreign Languages. The Embassy of France in Vietnam has Ms. Catherine Rossi assistant French police attache , Ms. Cindy Nguyen-Khac, the teacher of French and staff of the Embassy Office in Hanoi.

At the meeting, the Vice President  expressed his thanks to representatives of French police  the Embassy of France in Hanoi and the Ministry of Home Affairs of France for effective cooperation and assistance for  the Ministry of Public Security in general and the People's Police Academy in particular. He emphasized, for language learning, learning directly with native teachers is the best condition for students, helping to improve academic performance, practice and related skills. Therefore, the French teacher support program for the People's Police Academy so far has been implemented effectively, contributed to improving foreign language skills in general and French proficiency in particular for the Academy students, also contributing to strengthening exchange of experiences on teaching language with teachers of the Faculty of Foreign Languages, the People's Police Academy.

Major General,vice president of the Academy also emphasized, in the context of deeper globalization, equipping general language skills including French for the police force is very important. He said, with over 20 year expericence in leading and directing the work of cooperation with the International Criminal Police (INTERPOL), he has built and developped cooperative relationships with partners from European countries, including police agencies - Ministry of Home Affairs of France. Therefore, he highly appreciated the cooperation between the two Ministries: Ministry of Public Security of Vietnam and Ministry of Home Affairs of France. In the coming time, the People's Police Academy will continue to direct the implementation of the French training cooperation program and extend other cooperation activities.


Delegation’s commemorative photograph

As for the Embassy of France, Ms. Catherine Rossi has expressed her profound thanks to the Academy for its respectful reception and highly appreciated the cooperation between the two sides. The Embassy wished the People's Police Academy to coordinate and facilitate French teachers to complete their tasks. At the same time proposed the Academy to assess results and frankly exchange with the Embassy in the working process to have immediate and timely adjustment for any arising problems. Ms. Catherine also said, according to the plan, in 2016, the French Embassy will grant the People's Police Academy students some French scholarships to motivate and encourage foreign language learning in general and French in particular at the Academy.

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The French teacher receiption program has been made from 2013 to present, the Academy has received two teachers to teach French to foreign language specialized students. Ms. Cindy Nguyen-Khac is the third teacher of French received by the Academy under the cooperation program between the Ministry of Public Security of Vietnam and Ministry of Home Affairs of France. At the Academy, Ms. Cindy Nguyen-Khac will teach French by suitable qualification for foreign language specialized classes and qualified students as assigned by the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Training Department; support students in testing and issuing Certificates of French under international standards on French Language; participate in scientific, extracurricular activities concerning foreign language teaching of the Academy.


Teaching time at the Academy: From October 2015 to late June 2016

Translated by Van Anh

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