PPA receives KOICA’s Taekwondo volunteer
The officers of KOICA and the volunteers visited a Taekwondo class at the PPA

Mr. Song Jun Han, 26 years old, is one of the experienced Korean coaches of Taekwondo. Before coming to the PPA, Song Jun Han had been a Taekwondo coach of the Hau Giang Sports Competition and Training Centre. During his working time there, Song Jun Han and the Taekwondo team joined many Taekwondo competitions, notably in 2014, the Nationwide Youth Award in Lao Cai and the 7th Nationwide Sports Festival in Ha Nam. Under the training of Mr. Song Jun Han, the Hau Giang’s Taekwondo team gained one silver and one bronze medal.

Leader of the International Cooperation Division worked

 with the coordinator of KOICA voluntary program

On July 27th, 2015, under the authorization of the Board of Directors, Major Cao Hoang Long - Leader of the International Cooperation Division welcomed Song Jun Han to the PPA and expressed the sincere thanks to the KOICA Vietnam Office for its support in providing Taekwondo trainers. He also reviewed the achievements of Taekwondo volunteers in the PPA and emphasized that thanks to the support and training of the Korean volunteers, the taekwondo team of the PPA regularly participated in competitions of the Ministry of Public Security and achieved many kinds of medals which encouraged many cadets to take part in the taekwondo club of the Academy.

Then, the KOICA Vietnam Office handed over the Taekwondo volunteer to the Department of Military, Martial Arts and Sports. Senior Colonel Nguyen Duc Tang, Head of the Department expressed his great pleasure to receive Song Jun Han and promised to facilitate as much as possible for Song Jun Han to catch up with the working environment in the Academy. At the same time, Colonel Tang shared experiences with KOICA Team in boosting activities of teaching Taekwondo at the PPA.

The Department of Military, Martial Arts and Sports was pleased 

to received Korean coaches of Taekwondo Song Jun Han

The KOICA manager of the volunteers, Mrs. Sun Jooree expressed her sincere thanks to the PPA for the enthusiastic support. She also strongly believed that the professional environment of teaching and training at the PPA would create favourable conditions for the volunteers to complete their duty and strengthen Taekwondo skills of their own.


At the end of the hand-over ceremony, the officers of KOICA and the volunteers visited a Taekwondo class at the PPA.

Written by Xuan Binh

Translated by Dat Bui

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