Delegation of Public Administration Committee of Bavarian state Parliament, Germany visits and works at PPA
Major General, Prof. Dr. Nguyen Huy Thuat, Vice President of the PPA spoke at the meeting

At the meeting, on behalf of the PPA’s Directorate, Major General Nguyen Huy Thuat welcomed the delegation for their visiting and working with the PPA. The delegation was introduced the PPA as well as the training system of the Public Security force in Vietnam and some of the achievements and the development on the way to become the key training institution of the Ministry of Public Security in 2015 and of the Nation in 2020. Thereby, Mrs. Ingrid Heckner and other members of the delegation were impressed and appreciated the tradition, development and achievements in the Cause of education and training of the PPA.

Overview of the meeting

With the desire to exchange and study the cooperative opportunities between the two Agencies, the delegation of Public Administration Committee of the Bavarian state Parliament, the Federal Republic of Germany mentioned a number of questions related to the training of lecturers and the differences between the training systems of the Public Security force of the two countries. Vice President Nguyen Huy Thuat highly appreciated the training experience of public security force in over the world including the Federal Republic of Germany.

The representatives took photograph at the Monument of President Ho Chi Minh

Speaking at the meeting, on behalf of the delegation of the Federal Republic of Germany, Mrs. Ingrid Heckner thanked the PPA’s leaders for holding the warm and effective meeting and desired that after the visit, the two sides would continue to communicate and exchange the issues in education and training activities for the next cooperative direction in the coming time.

Written by Hoang Anh

Translated by Cong Phuong

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