Very first students of PPA graduate from Royal Police Cadet Academy - New development in training cooperation among ASEAN countries
Commissioner General of the Royal Thai Police congratulated police students of Vietnam at the Graduation Ceremony

After a period of learning Thai language, the police students of Vietnam participated in studying and practicing at the 67th higher education course of the RPCA. Through 5 years, 04 police students of Vietnam achieved great success in studying Thai language and completed successfully the course with rather good score; especially, 02 students, achieved average score of 3.50 and 3.63 on a scale of 4, were in group of excellent students of the RPCA.


International Cooperation Division - RPCA presented flowers to congratulate 

the graduated police students of Vietnam

At the RPCA, the process of 4-year learning and training was divided into 8 semesters with 80 subjects equal to 156 credits. There were 02 periods of probation at local police stations, the first one lasted 40 days after the 2nd year and the second one lasted 60 days before graduation. The specialties for probation included: Investigation, Reconnaissance, Traffic, Administrative management. During training process, the RPCA put great importance to physical practice, practical skills training; there were a number of compulsory subjects and high quality requirements, such as: martial arts, shooting, strategies for riot prevention, parachute training.


Lieutenant General, Prof.Dr. Nguyen Xuan Yem, President of the PPA took 

memorial photograph with police students of Vietnam at the Graduation Ceremony

With well studying process and excellent training results, after graduation, 04 students were brevet rank and assigned to work at the units in accordance with the requirements of work and ability of students such as the High Command of Mobile Police of the PPA and the Standing Office on Drugs and Crime - General Department of Police for Crime Prevention and Suppression.


Although it was the first time the PPA to send students studying in Thailand, with the efforts of each individual, the police students of Vietnam strictly obeyed discipline, got good learning results and were highly appreciated by lecturers of the RPCA. Also, in the process of learning, the four students actively supported the Delegations of MPS of Vietnam to work with the Royal Thai Police, which was recorded and highly evaluated.


A series of activities of Vietnamese and Thai students 

after the Graduation Ceremony

Recently, after the President of the PPA worked with General Adul Saengsingkaew, the Commissioner General of the Royal Thai Police and Lieutenant General Sakda Techakriengkrai, Director of the RPCA, they suggested the PPA to send continuously 04 students to study in higher education and they was willing to provide master’s degree scholarships for 02 students of the PPA to study at the RPCA.


In the integration period, the Public Security Force always initiative in the prevention and combating of transnational organized crime, one of the important issues was the international cooperation in order to build the police training system which met not only the national standards but also the regional and international standards. The deployment of the joint training programs of the PPA in recent years, especially student exchange program with the RPCA has been actively contributing to improve quality and effectiveness of police training and to promote cooperation among the police training institutions in ASEAN.

Written by Cao Hoang Long

Translated by Cong Phuong

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