PPA and Korean companies on cooperating training program for security guards
Senior Colonel, Dr. Tran Minh Chat, Vice President of the PPA work with the South Korean companies

Opening the working session, the representatives of South Korea were introduced about PPA’s formation and development process and achieved accomplishments after 45 years of building and development.


Senior Colonel, Dr. Tran Minh Chat, Vice President of the PPA introduced specifically to the South Korean companies about history of formation and development, international cooperation in education and training, the facilities of the Academy to confirm that the PPA is the high quality academy and can meet the conditions of training professional guard. Then, the Vice President of the PPA introduced the program on training professional security guards at the PPA as well as the quality of training program.


Overview of the working session

The South Korean companies impressed strongly with the facilities and training programs of the PPA. This will be extremely favorable conditions to meet the requirements of professional security guard training. The companies believed that the work of professional security guard training at the PPA would get good results, they also expressed the concern and desire to cooperate with the PPA in the near future.


Representatives took memorial photograph

On behalf of the Board of Director of the PPA, Vice President sincerely thanked the South Korean companies and hoped the long-term cooperation between the South Korean companies and the PPA. At the end of the meeting, the delegation visited the PPA and enjoyed some of the performances of martial art.

Nguyen Dinh Dat

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