Leader of PPA receives Director of Russian Center for Science and Culture in Hanoi
Overview of the Meeting

At the Meeting, on behalf of the PPA’s Directorate, Vice President of the PPA thanked the Russian Center for Science and Culture for arranging time to visit and work with the Academy. Besides, he briefly informed some cooperation activities between the PPA and some training institutions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation in recent years. He also informed that with nearly 30 staffs, teachers and including some leaders of the Academy who had studied and graduated from institutions of higher education, postgraduate of the former Soviet Union and now the Russian Federation, one of the most important missions of the PPA was stepping up the exchanges of science, culture and education with the Russian Federation; especially nowadays, lecturers and students, who have been teaching and studying Russian in the Academy, began to be strengthened. Additionally, the PPA’s library was finalized with the section of foreign language materials including the Russian Culture and Education corner. Therefore, the PPA and the Russian Center for Science and Culture should consider the cooperation on improving capacity for Russian-language lecturers of the Academy and building the Russian Culture corner in the library of the PPA in order to consolidate the materials resources of teaching and learning Russian as well as promote the understanding and exchange between the two countries.

Senior Colonel, Dr. Tran Minh Chat, Vice President of the PPA

 worked with Mr. Lavrenev Alexey Yurievich, 

Director of the Russian Center for Science and Culture in Hanoi

In the traditional and open spirit, Mr. Alexey Yurievich Lavrenev expressed his excitement and thanked the Directorate of the Academy for warmly welcome. He informed preliminarily about the activities of the Russian Science and Culture Centre in Hanoi and the situation of the Vietnamese community living in the Russian Federation. Mr. Lavrenev confirmed that he would always support the relationship and solidarity between the two countries and also support greatly the Academy in the future. In the coming time, the Russian Center of Science and Culture in Hanoi would give the PPA some books which were classic works in Russian literature, had been transferred to Vietnam in the previous official state-level visit to Vietnam of Russian President V.V. Putin. Then, the Center would connect the PPA to the training institutions of Russia in order to collect materials and books which serve the task of teaching Russian, teaching and researching law, etc.


Senior Colonel, Dr. Tran Minh Chat presented souvenir

 to Mr.Lavrenev Alexey Yurievich, Lavrenev Alexey Yurievich

Mr. Lavrenev also said in 2014, the Center would help the PPA to participate in the annual exchange program, namely helping Russian-language teachers to join in the fact-finding courses in the higher education institutions of Russia to exchange experiences. This program would be carried out twice per year and each would last 3 months.


At the end of the Meeting, the Vice President of the PPA, on behalf of the Board of Director, recognized the exchange ideas between the two sides, thanked the Russian Science and Culture in Hanoi and hoped that the cooperation between the two sides would become stronger and the Academy would get more help from the Centre.

The Russian Center for Science and Culture in Hanoi was officially inaugurated in September, 2003, however, before that, it had played an important role in strengthening bilateral relations among state associations and organizations of Russia and Vietnam in the fields of science, culture and commerce. In recent years, a series of seminars and roundtable meetings with the participation of representatives from the Russian Federation has taken place in the Russian Center for Science and Culture in Hanoi. The Center always pays attention to introduce basic aspects of domestic and foreign policy of the Russian Federation to Vietnamese public.


By the means of mass communication, the Center tries to bring to Vietnamese public the objective image of the modern Russia in the difficult period as well as the great physical and spiritual potentials of Russia. The Center has collaborated with the press, radio and television to carry out a series of essays and interviews on the subjects of Russia and the specific activities of the Centre in Vietnam.


One of the most important activities of this Center in Vietnam is to execute a program of the Russian Government on the dissemination and development of the Russian language. On that basis, the Centre organizes Russian-language courses with many different levels. The traditional activities of the Center have always attracted people who love Russian in Hanoi and Russian club is held on every Friday afternoon. The Russian-language teachers and students of universities in Hanoi are regular readers in the library of the Center with various books in Russian and the high-speed internet access system.

Written by Nguyen Đinh Đat

Translated by Quach Ngoc Thanh - B10D39

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