Equipment Handover Ceremony of PPA’s E-Library
The representatives took souvenir photograph after handover ceremony

Attending the ceremony were Mr. Chang Jae Yun - KOICA Vietnam Country Director; Mrs. Kim Gyung Ah - KOICA Vietnam Country Deputy Director; representatives pff functional units of KOICA Vietnam. As for the PPA were Lieutenant General, Prof. Dr. Nguyen Xuan Yem - President of the PPA; Major General, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dang Xuan Khang - Vice President of the PPA; leaders of Center for Archives and Library - standing unit of project and representatives of the functional units of the PPA. The ceremony also had the presence of Ms. Chang Jung Suk, Deputy Director of the Korean Tourism Organization in Vietnam; Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Minh Hieu, Deputy Director of Foreign Relations Department, Ministry of Public Security of Vietnam.

Leader of Center for Archives and Library reported the progress of

 the Project “Establishment of E-Library at People's Police Academy”

Being officially launched since January 12th, 2015, up to now, the project “Establishment of E-Library at People's Police Academy” sponsored by KOICA has completed about 80% of the work. All the items related to the layout of functional rooms and interior in E-Library has been completed on schedule. Some traditional reading rooms and book storages are converted to open way according to the consultants of the Project Management Committee (PMC). Currently, the PPA is converting database and processing the materials in accordance with the open library. The PPA in cooperation with PMC successfully organized 03 training courses in Korea (including 02 training courses for officers and 01 training courses for managers) on schedule, meet the professional requirements; now, the detailed plan for training in Vietnam (OJT) are making. The PPA has received all facilities furnished for the project, installed, configured the devices, installed the system software on the hardware and tested the operation of all devices. PPA’s library software has been built the structure of module and perfecting the features in accordance with the training specifics of the PPA, the software is expected to complete all features in the end of October, 2016, put into trial operation in November, 2016 to prepare for the project launching ceremony in December, 2016. The project “Establishment of E-Library at People's Police Academy” will contribute to modernization of the environment of training and research of the PPA and improve the work of information technology application in the Ministry of Public Security through technology transfer and operational methods of electronic library of South Korea.


Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Chang Jae Yun - KOICA Vietnam Country Director thanked the Directorate and officers of the PPA, Advisory Group of Bucheon University - South Korea for the best effort to implement the project. Mr. Chang Jae Yun desired that the project would contribute to improving the capacity for developing and operating the e-library software for the PPA; at the same time, the project also played the pioneering role in the development of the e-library in the other universities of Vietnam. Mr. Chang hoped that the Korean Culture Hall which was built within the framework of the project would help the officers and students of the PPA as well as the Hanoi people approach easier to the information about the country and people of South Korea.

Representatives of the PPA and representatives of KOICA

 signed the Equipment Handover Statement of the project

At the ceremony, Lieutenant General, Prof. Dr. Nguyen Xuan Yem - President of the PPA thanked the Korean Government, KOICA, Korean experts, the functional units of Vietnam Ministry of Public Security such as the Foreign Relations Department, Department of Planning and Investment and the functional units of the General Political Department - Ministry of Public Security for supporting the PPA in the process of implementing the project, contributing to renovating education and training activities at the PPA. The President of the PPA expected that in the coming time, KOICA would support the PPA in training for officers to use the e-library effectively to strive to build the E-Library at PPA to become the typical electronic library model in Vietnam.

Cong Phuong

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