Book exhibition on Vietnam Book Day and Anniversary of 126th birthday of President Ho Chi Minh
The model of book was displayed at the exhibition

Attending the opening ceremony, there were representatives of Center of Archives and Library; Faculty of Political Theory - Social Science and Humanity; representatives of the functional units with a large number of officers, teachers and students of the PPA.


When being alive, President Ho Chi Minh always appreciates the reading culture. To him, reading is not just for entertainment or handling the job, but also to improve understanding. Readers are mainly to serve the Revolution with the utmost desire that makes our country be completely independent, our people be completely free, our compatriots have enough food and clothing. This aspiration followed by Uncle Ho during his lifetime, dominating all of his activities because his eternal concept is: "Reading regularly books is precious".


Major, Dr. Le Hong Hai, Deputy Director of Centre of Archives 

and Library made speech at the opening ceremony of the exhibition.

Performing the direction of the PPA’s Directorate on improving reading culture among officers, teachers and students associated with the construction of Ho Chi Minh Room at the 7th floor of Professional Police Library, since the academic year of 2012-2013, the Center of Archives and Library in coordination with the Faculty of Political Theory - Social Science and Humanity have collected, sorted and displayed documents about President Ho Chi Minh to serve the needs of researching and studying of the PPA’s staffs, teachers and students.


The diverse sources of books were introduced at the exhibition

With an area of 100 m2, up to now, in the Ho Chi Minh Reading Room, there are more than 2000 documents about President Ho Chi Minh; more than 60 photographs and video tapes of his identity, life as well as revolutionary career. Since its establishment, the Ho Chi Minh Room has welcomed many domestic and international delegations. It is the place to host thematic talks about President Ho Chi Minh. Besides, it is also specialized classroom to serve the teaching and studying tasks of subject of Ho Chi Minh ideology.


After the opening ceremony, many exciting activities took place at the exhibition, namely:

          - Exhibiting books about President Ho Chi Minh;

          - Displaying new books, propagandic documents on the 12nd National Party Congress;

          - Discussing and practical learning;

          - Screening of introduction to the life and career of President Ho Chi Minh.

The documents about President Ho Chi Minh attracted a great number of students

The exhibition is an opportunity to honor the value of books, confirming the role, position as well as importance of books to social life; honoring the readers and those involved in collecting, composing, publishing, printing, distributing and marketing books. Besides, it will replicate the culture of reading among the entire Academy, improving the quality of education and training, developing the PPA to be qualified as the key training institution of the Nation in 2018.

Translated by QUANG NGHỊ (B10D39)

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