PPA holds "Journey to Cape Land"
75 typical youth union members of the PPA participated the voluntary program in Ca Mau before kick-off

People's Police Youth Academy in coordination with the Ho Chi Minh 

Law University organized the summer voluntary program in 2016

The program takes place within two weeks with more practical activities such as: Implementing the "Three together" movement (eating together, living together and working together) with local farmers; building gratitude houses, helping poor children overcome difficulties in learning and many other practical activities.


Representatives of the Youth Union of Ho Chi Minh Law University launched the Campaign

Under the plan, the unionists, the youth will support building two gratitude houses (each worth 50 million); embellish the Hero Martyr memorial stele; donated 40 gifts (one worth 1 million) for disadvantaged families; make 20 posters to propagandizing Criteria on new rural construction; presented 20 scholarships (one worth 1 million) and 5,000 notebooks for poor students overcoming difficulties.


Captain Le Van Tu, Secretary of the PPA’s Youth Union presented 

gifts and the gratitude house to the people of Cape land

Besides, the PPA also organized many other significant activities in the historical zone Hon Da Bac (Khanh Binh Tay Commune, Tran Van Thoi District, Ca Mau Province). Accordingly, the PPA will donate one memorial stone stele to register the People's Public Security comrades engaged in the Special Operation CM12, one incense table and one bronze bell at the temple of Uncle Ho in the historical zone.


The PPA’s youth participated cleanuped, kept clean and beautiful landscape

"Journey to the Cape Land" is the special political activities aiming to educate history, revolutionary tradition; love to the motherland, the country and the great victories of the people's Public Security force for the youth, officers, lecturers and students of the two schools, thereby promoting the vanguard and voluntary spirit toward the disadvantaged areas, national islands, frontiers as well as contributing effort, spirit and material to support the disadvantaged localities. This was also a chance for enabling the youths closer, strengthening the relationship between the people with the People's Public Security.

Some images about the program:


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